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TalkGroup/284428442844Bulgaria /Burgas Region    
TalkGroup/284728472847Bulgaria/Haskovo Region    
TalkGroup/515515515Philippine Nationwide Calling    
TalkGroup/515911515911515911Philippine Disaster and Emergency TrafficX X 
TalkGroup/87738773773RadioGroup Italian TalkGroupA talk group for 773 RadioGroup hams to communicate in the world.    
TalkGroup/310873310873ACARESArapahoe County Colorado ARES TG    
TalkGroup/926728926728AMSATAMSAT enthusiasts world-wide    
TalkGroup/72277227AR WIRES-X DigitalDigital Bridge BM - WIRES-X - YSFXXX 
TalkGroup/3122931229ARKLATEX TGA talkgroup serving the Arklatex. The Arklatex consists of areas in South West Arkansas, North West Louisiana and North East Texas    
TalkGroup/31362753136275Albany Area Amateur AssocHam club talk group    
TalkGroup/3167531675Albany aaaHam club talk group    
TalkGroup/9502495024AngaraAsiatic-RU, Siberian    
TalkGroup/722722ArgentinaWelcome to Argentina!    
TalkGroup/72217221Argentina - AMBAArea Metropolitana Buenos Aires - Argentina    
TalkGroup/31053105ArkansasArkansas Statewide    
TalkGroup/384000384000Astronomy chatA place for radio amateurs with an interest in Astronomy to meet    
TalkGroup/3160931609Atlantic County, NJAuxcomm, Skywarn and General Talk    
TalkGroup/146955146955BARCBarnstable Amateur Radio Club  X 
TalkGroup/20632063Belgium - EastActivates all repeaters (TS1) in the eastern region of Belgium. Language: German.    
TalkGroup/20612061Belgium - NorthActivates all repeaters (TS1) in the northern region of Belgium. Language: Dutch.    
TalkGroup/20622062Belgium - SouthActivates all repeaters (TS1) in the southern region of Belgium. Language: French.    
TalkGroup/2060120601Belgium North YSF BridgeLinked to the Yaesu System Fusion Room 'Belgium North'.  X 
TalkGroup/2060220602Belgium South YSF BridgeLinked to the YSF Reflector 'Belgium South'.  X 
TalkGroup/3129331293Branson Missouri Area TalkgroupDMR Talkgroup for Branson Missouri and surrounding areas    
TalkGroup/724724BrazilBrazi Nationwide Talkgroup XX 
TalkGroup/536131622Broward,CountyW4RCC/K4ABB   X
TalkGroup/359359BulgariaBulgaria_00 XX 
TalkGroup/28412841Bulgaria - 2841Bulgarien National Talkgroup    
TalkGroup/28452845Bulgaria - D-STAR DCS023BDMR bridge to Dstar X  
TalkGroup/28432843Bulgaria - PlovdivBulgaria/Plovdiv    
TalkGroup/28422842Bulgaria - SofiaBulgaria/Sofia    
TalkGroup/284284Bulgaria link to ref 4290Bulgarien National Talkgroup    
TalkGroup/3120431204CKRGCentral Kansas Repeater GroupX X 
TalkGroup/26811662681166CR TalkGroupCR TalkGroup    
TalkGroup/3137231372Central CarolinaTG for Central North Carolina    
TalkGroup/3180231802Chat LoungeChat Lounge    
TalkGroup/460460Chinafor chinese HAM    
TalkGroup/4600746007China - 7th regionFor Chinese 7th region`s HAM    
TalkGroup/4600446004China - Four District HAMChina 4 ham technical exchange group X  
TalkGroup/460275460275China - Huantai ham exchange groupHuantai HAM technology in China's disseminationXXX 
TalkGroup/460994460994China TG-CHANGCHIA talk group for Changchi Hams to communicate.XXXX
TalkGroup/519800519800China TG-ChangzhouA talk group for Changzhou Hams to communicate.    
TalkGroup/460044460044China/JinHu&JiangSu&Huai'An金湖&江苏&淮安 火腿的交流小组。(A talk group for JinHu&JiangSu&Huai'An Hams to communicate.)    
TalkGroup/313913313913Clermont County Ohio Talk GroupSouth West Ohio DMR users    
TalkGroup/73247324Colombia - HK4 - MedellinAntioquia Zona 4 Talk Group    
TalkGroup/732732Colombia Nationalkk4yit@gmail.com    
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