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TalkGroup/13371337HackersA place for infosec and hackers of all kinds to meet    
TalkGroup/151515151515GREEK DMRGreek DMR for friends only    
TalkGroup/20302030France - GardDepartement du Gard - Sud de France    
TalkGroup/204204NederlandCountry wide talkgroup    
TalkGroup/20412041Nederland - Noordregional talkgroup for the north part of the Netherlands    
TalkGroup/20422042Nederland - Middenregional talkgroup for the middle part of the Netherlands    
TalkGroup/2042120421Nederland - KeistadLocal talkgroup for the city of Amersfoort and surrounding area    
TalkGroup/20432043Nederland - Zuidregional talkgroup for the south part of the Netherlands    
TalkGroup/20442044Nederland - Oostregional talkgroup for the east part of the Netherlands    
TalkGroup/2044120441Nederland - Region IJsselmondRegional talkgroup for the IJsselmond region    
TalkGroup/20452045Nederland - TechTechnical discussions    
TalkGroup/20498812049881Nederland - D-STAR XRF88ALink to XRF88A X  
TalkGroup/20498822049882Nederland - D-STAR XRF88BLink to XRF88B X  
TalkGroup/2060220602Belgium - North YSF BridgeLinked to the Yaesu System Fusion room 'Belgium North'.  X 
TalkGroup/20612061Belgium - NorthActivates all repeaters (TS1) in the northern region of Belgium. Language: Dutch.    
TalkGroup/20622062Belgium - SouthActivates all repeaters (TS1) in the southern region of Belgium. Language: French.    
TalkGroup/20632063Belgium - EastActivates all repeaters (TS1) in the eastern region of Belgium. Language: German.    
TalkGroup/208208France - NationalNational talkgroup for France    
TalkGroup/20802080France - Ile de FranceRegional Talkgroup for Ile de France in France    
TalkGroup/2081520815France - French Open NetworkFrench Open Network (FON) - Check www.f1tzo.com for more informationXXX 
TalkGroup/2081620816France - D-STAR DCS033CBridge with D-STAR DCS033C Nation-Wide France D-STAR Reflector X  
TalkGroup/20872087France - NordRegional talkgroup for Nord of France    
TalkGroup/20882088France - CentreRegional Talkgroup for the Centre region of France - Bridged with WiresX room F1ZITX   
TalkGroup/208903208903France - Room BerlaimontTG Berlaimont    
TalkGroup/2126811662681166USA/CRCR TalkGroup    
TalkGroup/216216HungaryCountry wide talkgroupXXX 
TalkGroup/226226RomaniaRomanian National TalkgroupXXX 
TalkGroup/228228SwitzerlandCountry wide talkgroup    
TalkGroup/22802280Switzerland - DeutscheGerman speaking part of Switzerland    
TalkGroup/2280122801Switzerland - UA 1User activated talk group    
TalkGroup/2280222802Switzerland - UA 2User activated talk group    
TalkGroup/2280322803Switzerland - UA 3User activated talk group    
TalkGroup/2280422804Switzerland - UA 4User activated talk group    
TalkGroup/22812281Switzerland - FrançaisFrench speaking part of Switzerland    
TalkGroup/2281022810Switzerland - WIRES-XRoom "HB9-BM-WIRESX“ (Node 27628)X   
TalkGroup/2281122811Switzerland - VaudRegional Canton Vaud    
TalkGroup/2281222812Switzerland - GenèveRegional Canton Geneva    
TalkGroup/22822282Switzerland - Valais / WallisRegional Canton Valais    
TalkGroup/22832283Switzerland - Bern / SolothurnRegional Bern / Soloturn    
TalkGroup/22842284Switzerland - BaselRegional Northwestern Switzerland    
TalkGroup/22852285Switzerland - Aargau / ZentralschweizRegional Aargau / Central Switzerland    
TalkGroup/22862286Switzerland - TicinoRegional Canton Ticino    
TalkGroup/22872287Switzerland - GraubündenRegional Canton Grisons    
TalkGroup/22882288Switzerland - ZürichRegional Canton Zurich    
TalkGroup/22892289Switzerland - OstschweizRegional Eastern Switzerland    
TalkGroup/242242NorwayNational calling    
TalkGroup/2420124201Norway Chat 1Casual chat and ragchew 1    
TalkGroup/2420224202Norway Chat 2Casual chat and ragchew 2    
TalkGroup/2420324203Norway Chat 3Equipment testing. Backup Chat (3)    
TalkGroup/2420424204Norway Chat 4Free for Chat. Linked to XLX404-D and Yaesu Fusion YSF006. Echolink planned. XX 
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