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TalkGroup/3117731177East Central ILEast Central IL____
TalkGroup/913913EnglishInternational Talkgroup in ENGLISH language____
TalkGroup/3273832738Español 32738International Talkgroup in SPANISH language____
TalkGroup/208963208963France - Cappelle-la-GrandeTalkgroup for the F1ZKY and A3RN__X_
TalkGroup/20882088France - CentreRegional Talkgroup for the Centre region of France - Bridged with WiresX room F1ZITX___
TalkGroup/43164316France - D-STAR DCS033CBridge with D-Star DCS033C France Nationwide_X__
TalkGroup/2081620816France - D-STAR DCS033CBridge with D-STAR DCS033C Nation-Wide France D-STAR Reflector_X__
TalkGroup/2081520815France - French Open NetworkFrench Open Network (FON)XXX_
TalkGroup/2083020830France - GardDepartement du Gard - Sud de France____
TalkGroup/20802080France - Ile de FranceRegional Talkgroup for Ile de France in France____
TalkGroup/208208France - NationalNational talkgroup for France__X_
TalkGroup/20872087France - NordRegional talkgroup for Nord of France____
TalkGroup/208903208903France - Room BerlaimontTG Berlaimont____
TalkGroup/937937FrancophonieInternational Talkgroup in FRENCH languageX_X_
TalkGroup/151515151515GREEK DMRGreek DMR for friends only____
TalkGroup/314159314159General Geek ChatChat about geeky things (radios, computers, slide rules, lock sport, you get the picture...)____
TalkGroup/262878262878Germany - DE_B19_localA talk group for B19 hams to communicate.____
TalkGroup/2627826278Germany - Region Oberes GäuRegional group covering the area south of Stuttgart, southern Germany____
TalkGroup/2627026270Germany - Region StuttgartRegional group covering the area around Stuttgart, southern Germany____
TalkGroup/3166931669Global DX SystemGlobal DX SystemX___
TalkGroup/448260448260Ham Radio Plus USATalkGroup for Club HARP USA____
TalkGroup/3115831158Hawaii/Mainland AllStarLink NetInteroperability with Analog AllStar, Echolink, Brandmeister DMR, and Zello_X_X
TalkGroup/216216HungaryCountry wide talkgroupXXX_
TalkGroup/Hurricane Observation Network3199Hurricane Observation NetworkHurricane Observation Network____
TalkGroup/99479947IT Navy AssociationAssocizione Radioamatori marinai Italiani____
TalkGroup/313713137100Iredell County Amateur Radio SocietyIredell County Amateur Radio Society____
TalkGroup/27222722Ireland CallingIreland National Calling____
TalkGroup/27232723Ireland ChatCasual chat____
TalkGroup/27242724Ireland WIRES-XLink to IE-YSFX___
TalkGroup/907907JOTAJamboree on the Air (WW Scouting TG)____
TalkGroup/86753098675309JennyJenny Jenny____
TalkGroup/330777330777KP4EOP Digital RepeaterKP4EOP Personal and Experimental Repeater____
TalkGroup/33003300KP4EOP Digital RepeaterEquipment testing at this moment. Call us____
TalkGroup/312222312222LA AresLouisiana Ares Group____
TalkGroup/314314LATINOLatino Talk GroupX___
TalkGroup/27072707LX LARUInterconnection of DMR repeaters operated by the Luxembourg Amateur Radio Union____
TalkGroup/17761776LibertarianAll Things Liberty____
TalkGroup/311800311800Local W9AMTExternal talkgroup for accessing the local talkgroup cluster for the Indianapolis UHF and VHF, Danville, and Greenwood, Indiana DMR repeaters on the Hoosier DMR network____
TalkGroup/270270LuxembourgCountry wide talkgroup____
TalkGroup/11271127MNDMR2Minnesota DMR 2____
TalkGroup/294294Macedonia - NationalBM TG294, MK____
TalkGroup/29402940Macedonia 2940BM TG Skopje, Macedonia____
TalkGroup/29412941Macedonia 2941BM TG Strumica, Macedonia____
TalkGroup/2940029400Macedonian DMO CHAT-ROOMHotSpot ONLY !!!____
TalkGroup/50215021Malaysia TalkgroupBrandmeister Malaysia___X
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