MCC Prefix 232
Coordinators DL3OCK, 

Digital Networks for digital voice communications:

  • BrandMeister


DMR ID Managed by Location Remarks

2321 DL3OCK,  unspecified

Information / Discussion

Wer mit seinem Repeater zum BrandMeister wechseln möchte:

schreibt kurz eine Mail an , wir helfen euch dann weiter.

Info auch unter Germany

Talk Groups cross connected

  • TS2 TG2329 connected to C4FM
  • TS2 TG23203 Austria to XRF 30B
  ON-AIR - see full list here:

Talk Groups

The Talk Groups that are available worldwide and based on the spoken language and geographic area. These Talk Groups may be configured as Dynamic Talk Groups. After the PTT press, the repeater transmits activity on this talk group for 15 minutes after last PTT press.

Timeslot 1

TG-Number Name Notes
91 Worldwide English English Language
92 Europe European Region
910 German
920 DL, OE, HB9 also called DACH
222 Italy
228 Swiss
232 Austria
262 Germany
xxx dynamic A dynamic connection

Timeslot 2

TG-Number Name Notes
9 Local use current selected reflector
2320 OE-Master Austria Master
2321 Wien Local region
2322 Salzburg Local region
2323 Niederoesterreich Local region
2324 Burgenland Local region
2325 Oberoesterreich Local region
2326 Steiermark Local region
2327 Tirol Local region
2328 Kaernten Local region
2329 Vorarlberg Local region

(Last change. August 22, 2016)



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