DMR ID Managed by Location Remarks

2551 UZ5DU,  unspecified Hosted by UR7D Team

Nationwide and calling group

Visitors and residents are welcome to TG2555 (Ukraine-DIGI). TG2555 is in fact nationwide and calling group which is linked to D-Star and System Fusion. Rag chewing is allowed off peak time but be sure to give enough time for other stations from other networks to break through.

Using Time Slots

TG2555 is suggested to be on TS2 exclusively. No other group is suggested on TS2. Any other groups (but TG2555), reflectors or local communications (TG9) are suggested on TS1 only.

Talk Groups

  • TS2 TG2555 Ukraine-DIGI (Cross-link to D-STAR reflector XRF255 B Reflector status )
  • TS1 TG9 Local traffic within a single repeater
  • TS1 TG2559 Emergency Ukraine
  • TS1 TG25599 Emergency Transkharpatia
  • TS1 TG2558, TG2557, TG2554, TG2553 are reserved for future use
Regional Talkgroups (suggested on TS1)
TG City or Region Repeater's call template Notes
25501 Kyiv city UR0Uxx UR0UUE-255976, UR0UUQ-255971, UR0UUS-255982; see also Kyiv region
25502 Vinnytsia region UR0Nxx
25503 Volyn region UR0Pxx
25504 Dnipro region UR0Exx UR0EUA-255993
25505 Donetsk region UR0Ixx
25506 Zhytomyr region UR0Xxx
25507 Zakarpattia region UR0Dxx
25508 Mykolaiv region UR0Zxx
25509 Zaporizhia region UR0Qxx
25510 Kyiv region UR0Uxx In fact Kyiv region mostly uses Kyiv city's TG25501 while TG25510 is rarely active
25511 Crimea region UU0Jxx See also Sevastopil city
25512 Kropyvnytskyi region UR0Vxx
25513 Luhansk region UR0Mxx
25514 Lviv region UR0Wxx UR0WUA-255994,UR0WUB-255992
25515 Mykolaiv region UR0Zxx
25516 Odesa region UR0Fxx UR0FUA-255991,UR0FUB-255988,UR0FUC-255987
25517 Poltava region UR0Hxx
25518 Rivne region UR0Kxx
25519 Sumy region UR0Axx
25520 Ternopil region UR0Bxx
25521 Kharkiv region UR0Lxx UR0LUA-255989
25522 Kherson region UR0Gxx
25523 Khmelnytskyi region UR0Txx
25524 Cherkasy region UR0Cxx
25525 Chernihiv region UR0Rxx
25526 Chernivtsi region UR0Yxx
25527 Sevastopil city UU9Jxx See also Crimea region


Reflectors are not configured yet