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Boxchip is after Hytera the 2nd vendor who work together with us on an Radio Over IP solution for the Brnadmeister network. It is using the Open Terminal Protocol as connection.

Status quo / known issues

  • groupcall from and to the Boxchip Radio by IP works fine (LTE and WiFi)
  • no group hangtime in IP traffic -> already fixed
  • private call not working on IP
  • RF and IP modes are mixed -> fixed

next steps

  • APRS
  • SMS
  • manual groupcall

...there is still a lot to do :-)

To activate and use the Boxchip S900A Radio as an RoIP (Radio over IP) you have to do following steps

Set your personal password at Brandmeister Selfcare

  • goto the [1] dashboard and log in
  • goto your selfcare area
  • turn HotSpotSecuritry on
  • set your password
  • Push the <SAVE> Button

Now you have to configure your radio. You can find the actually BPS (Boxchip Programming) here -> [2]

Enable the Amateur Radio network like the values below including you r personal password that you set before You can activate the IP connection by enable the checkbox "Transmission Over IP Only" at every channel

Bps amateur network.jpg

we are working on more informations dh6mbt