MCC Prefix 222, 223, 224
Coordinators IZ2XBZ, IZ2FTR, 


DMR ID Managed by Location Remarks

2222 IZ2XBZ, IZ2FTR, IW2KPM, IZ7JWR, IK5XMK,  Brescia, IT Hosted by DMR Brescia Team

Italian Master Server IP: (

Contact email address is

Connecting Hotspots to BrandMeister

Users connecting hotspots to BrandMeister IT Master Server will be required have a Selfcare account and to set their hotspot security password.

Visit for detailed information on how to connect hotspots to BrandMeister.

Connecting Repeaters to BrandMeister

Users connecting repeaters to BrandMeister IT Master Server will be required have a Selfcare account and to set their repeater security password.

Visit for detailed information on how to connect repeaters to BrandMeister.

Connection problems to BrandMeister

This service allows users to control their devices' connections to BM, from a web browser. Visit .

QSO relevant Timers

Master Servers controls two main timers for system usage. Hold-Off (Hand-Off) Timer and On-Demand (Dynamic Talk Group) Timer.

  • Hold-Off (Hand-Off) is set for 3 minutes on IT Master Server. This timer function will Hold-Off all other Talk Groups on a Time Slot when a user activates a Dynamic Talk Group and will Hold-Off (Keep Clear) the other Dynamic and Static Talk Groups on a Time Slot for a period of 3 minutes. It's a sort of priority/protection for the last Key-Up Dynamic Talk Group on the repeater Time Slot.
  • On Demand Timer (Dynamic Talk Group) is set for 10 minutes on IT Master Server. This timer function provides for when a user Keys-Up a Dynamic Talk Group and will stay active for a period of 10 minutes. Once the timer exceeds this time, with no PTT activity on the repeater, the Dynamic Talk Group will Drop Off.
  • Auto Static is for simplex based Hotspots, where a Key-Up Talk Group is set Dynamic and also Static automatically, to allow use of the last activated Talk Group indefinitely, even after the On-Demand Timer resets. To remove the Auto Static Talk Group either Key-Up another Talk Group or use TG-4000 to clear the Auto Static Talk Group. You don't have to use TG-4000 when moving to another TG; this only is used if you want to disconnect for all Talk Groups currently set Auto Static on your Hotspot.
  • When using repeaters please clear with TG-4000 unused Dynamic Talk Groups before to Key-Up another one, do not leave orphans Talk Groups on the Time Slots.


This service allows for users to monitor (listen) to talk groups from a web browser. Visit

Talk Groups

Most used Italian TalkGroups & Cluster External Talk Groups (Cluster Internal Talk Group 88)

Important general operational notes:

  • Before starting QSOs on any TalkGroup (national, international, regional, etc.), always first check the configuration of the static TalkGroups on the repeater you aim to use;
  • If your TG is configured as static on one of the two Time-Slots, please use the relevant Time-Slot;
  • If your TG is not configured as static on either Time-Slot, ask yourself where your QSO will have the least impact on existing traffic and based on this consideration choose the best slot;
  • If you see that one of the two Time-Slots is completely free of static TalkGroups, choose it, because it means that the Sysop evidently likes to host you on that slot, dedicated anytime to free traffic on any TalkGroup.

(Last change: June 8th, 2024 by IV3BVK)

Talk Group Notice
1 Local Only
9 Local Only
88 Geographical Clusters Internal TalkGroup (Time Slot-2 Preferred)
222 Italy Nation Wide (Time Slot 1 ONLY) (It should be mainly used only for short QSO's - Consider moving to a smaller footprint TalkGroup or TAC)
916 Italian (Language)
4000 Disconnect (Used to Disconnect immediately any Dynamic Talk Group on a Time Slot)
■ Italian Regional TalkGroups (Time Slot-2 Preferred)
22201 Regional LAZIO
22202 Regional SARDEGNA
22203 Regional UMBRIA
22211 Regional LIGURIA
22212 Regional PIEMONTE
22213 Regional VALLE d'AOSTA
22221 Regional LOMBARDIA
22233 Regional VENETO
22241 Regional EMILIA ROMAGNA
22251 Regional TOSCANA
22261 Regional ABRUZZO
22262 Regional MARCHE
22271 Regional PUGLIA
22281 Regional BASILICATA
22282 Regional CALABRIA
22283 Regional CAMPANIA
22284 Regional MOLISE
22291 Regional SICILIA
■ Italian TalkGroups for associations (Preferable on Hot Spots or Time Slot-1 for Repeaters)
22287 C.I.S.A.R. - Centro Italiano Sperimentazione ed Attività Radiantistiche
22288 A.R.I. - Associazione Radioamatori Italiani
22289 E.R.A. European Radioamateurs Association
■ Italian Clusters (Internal TG-88 preferable on Time Slot-2 - External TG preferable on Hot Spots or Time Slot-1)
22877 Cluster Rezia-CH
222030 Cluster Brescia ** moving on TG 22222
222031 Cluster Dolomiti
222037 Cluster Ragusa
222039 Cluster Salento
222049 Cluster Insubria
222051 Cluster Reno
222052 Cluster Golfo di Gaeta
222055 Cluster D2ALP - Appennino Ligure Piemontese ** moving on TG 22215
222056 Cluster Agrigento
222059 Cluster Verona
222060 Cluster Catania
222061 Cluster Palermo
222063 Cluster Terni
222064 Cluster Savona
222066 Cluster Castellammare di Stabia
222067 Cluster Rovigo
222068 Cluster Perugia
222070 Cluster Avellino
222071 Cluster Villa San Giovanni
222072 Cluster Val di Bisenzio
222073 Cluster Agro Nocerino Sarnese
222074 Cluster Valli Canavesane
222075 Cluster Val di Susa
222090 Cluster Stretto di Messina
222111 Cluster Gruppo DMR R.N.R.E.
222383 Cluster Nord-Est C.I.S.A.R.
222410 Cluster Montefeltro
222666 Cluster ANCONA
222773 Cluster ROMA/LATINA
■ TAC - Italian Tactical TalkGroups (Time Slot-1 ONLY)
222001 IT TAC-01
222002 IT TAC-02
222003 IT TAC-03
222004 IT TAC-04
222005 IT TAC-05
222006 IT TAC-06
222007 IT TAC-07
222008 IT TAC-08
222009 IT TAC-09
222010 IT TAC-10
■ Italian National Links
22292 Italy-MP
22298 Italy-Nord
■ Aggregation TalkGroups
22208 Italy Centro
22209 IT Radio Chat
22215 Rete D2ALP
22222 Brescia Network
22269 IT Francavilla
■ Experimantal TalkGroups 224xx
22400 Wires-X Room ITALIA CISAR Multiprotocol Link
22406 AllStarLink
22407 Onda Telematica
22411 STEVU Room
22420 IQ2AQ-L SVX (Link ID YSF: 23053)
22421 Ass. Polo Positivo
22422 Italy Sperimantale IR1DT
22481 Gruppo AMRS - Ass. Marconi Radioamatori Sperimentatori
22486 Gruppo Radioamatori G.P.G. (Time Slot-1 Preferable)
22487 Multiprotocollo Italy Centro
22497 C.I.S.A.R. Agrigento
■■ Special TalkGroups
22498 PIRS Sicilia
222907 Italian JOTA Radio Scout (Time Slot-1 Preferable)
■■■ Emergency TalkGroup ■■■
222112 Italian Global Emergency-112 - INTENDED TO BE USED ONLY FOR REAL EMERGENCY - NO QSO - NO TESTS !!!


Support for reflectors has been removed worldwide from BrandMeister on Dec 31st, 2020.


  • 9990 - Parrot
  • 222999 - ARS/RRS
  • 222999 - SMS
  • 222999 - GPS

Please note that 222999 is a global destination, no need to change it if you are travelling to different countries.

MMDVM.ini (for Master 2222)

  • [DMR]
  • Enable=1
  • Beacons=1
  • Id=123456
  • ColorCode=1
  • [DMR Network]
  • Enable=1
  • Address=
  • Port=62031
  • Password=<Request repeater password>
  • Slot1=1
  • Slot2=1
  • Debug=1

Connecting Professional Repeaters

- Hytera repeaters
- Motorola repeaters

Repeaters and C4FM Reflectors connected to the italian Master Server

- Connected Repeaters List
- Connected C4FM Reflectors List
- Hotspot and repeater configuration to connect the desired regional room on the YSF22220 reflector