MCC Prefix 202
Coordinators SV1IW, 


DMR ID Managed by Location Remarks

2021 SV1IW,  Athens

National & International Talk Groups

  • 202 - Main talking group , National/International , Timeslot1

Disclaimer of liability in case of malfunction

The administration and distribution of talkgroups is the responsibility of each repeater owner / administrator. The BrandMeister network and the national master sysop can not impose the routing of each talkgroup on a specific time slot, the owners / administrators of each repeater know about the needs of their serving territories.

Regional Talk Groups

The list shows only typical used TG in Greece. (Last change. 22-09-2017)

Timeslot Talkgroup Notice Link Reflector
2 TG2021 Area 1 - Central Greece and Athens
2 TG2022 Area 2 - Central and West Macedonia
2 TG2023 Area 3 - Peloponnese
2 TG2024 Area 4 - Thessaly
2 TG2025 Area 5 - Dodecanese
2 TG2026 Area 6 - Epirus
2 TG2027 Area 7 - Thrace East Macedonia
2 TG2028 Area 8 - Others islands
2 TG2029 Area 9 - Crete

Interconnections with other digital modes

(Last change. 22-09-2017)

Timeslot Talkgroup Notice Link Reflector
2 TG20207 Link with XLX737 XLX737 B
2 TG20208 Link with open reflector system YSF202

Chat Talkgroups & Applications

Talkgroup Notice
TG20201 Technical Chat 1
TG20202 Technical Chat 2
TG202011 DV4 Chat
TG202012 DMO Chat
9990 Parrot Appication
5052 APRS Messaging

MMDVM DMR Network Configuration