• We suggest using no more than one server for each country. Of course exceptions to this rule can be discussed.
  • Country should have more than 10 repeaters or country is far away from current Master
  • You have to be ready to have at least 2 TB of traffic every month (~ 5 Mbit/sec average on most cold server)

What is BrandMeister

The BrandMeister solution consists of 3 main parts:

  • Realtime frontend: BrandMeister DMR Server
  • Supplementary and REST API frontend: Apache + PHP
  • Middleware and backend: Tarantool, Mosquitto, D-BUS IPC

BrandMeister does all the work of switching DMR calls and communication with repeaters or other servers as well as running specific DMR applications like ARS, RRS, LRRP, IP transport, Parrot, etc. Currently we use a centralised solution based on Python to make data distribution. It processes events received from MQTT and writes data to the master database which have to be replicated to local databases of each master server.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Whether the server is on hardware or cloud/virtual, it needs to be physically located in your country. The recommended server specifications are:

  • 2 vCPU minimum, 4vCPU preferred.
  • 4GB memory minimum 8GB preferred.
  • 16GB ~ 24GB disk space
  • Static public IPv4 address assigned to the machine directly (no nat)
  • Minimal 100mbit up and down
    • at least 2TB of traffic per month

(use the preferred recommendation if you expect a large number of nodes on the master server)

Hypervisor notes

  • KVM or ESXi are well supported
  • The Xen hypervisor is not supported. Please make sure it is not the one your provider uses.

Installation and Configuration

If you would like to install a master server in your country, please create a support request on the BrandMeister Support Portal. You do not need to set up a server prior to contacting the BrandMeister Team.

If you have additional questions, please contact PD0ZRY or R3ABM