MCC Prefix 216
Coordinators HA2NON, 


DMR ID Managed by Location Remarks

2161 HA2NON,  unspecified SharkRF test server at

2162 HA2NON,  unspecified

Magyar nyelven a következő oldalon találhatsz információt a magyar DMR hálózatról:

Our main server is, and we have a test server at Please connect your hotspots and repeaters to the main server.

All repeaters have TG216 linked static on TS1. Information about current links can be seen on

National Talk Groups

  • 216 - main talking group, nation wide

Regional Talk Groups

These are currently only reserved for future use. All traffic is going on TS1 TG216.

Local repeater traffic should go on TS2 TG9.

Talkgroup Notice Link Reflector
TG2161 Hungary East n/a -
TG2162 Hungary West n/a -
TG2163 Hungary North n/a -
TG2164 Hungary South n/a -
TG2165 Hungary Test n/a 4775

Links to other networks

TG216 is linked static to the Hungarian DMR Wires-X room 28711 and the Hungarian XLX125 D-STAR reflector's D module. The Hungarian D-STAR repeaters are on the H module, which you can reach on TG2168.

Dashboards & Status Pages

Use one of the following websites to get an overview.

Worldwide Talk Groups

The Talk Groups that are available worldwide and based on the spoken language and geographic area. These Talk Groups may be configured as Dynamic Talk Groups. After the PTT press, the repeater transmits activity on this talk group for 5 minutes after last PTT press.

Number Name Notes
91 Worldwide English English Language
92 Europe European Region
93 or 3100 North America United States and Canada
95 Pacific Rim Australia and New Zealand
910 German German Language
911 French French Language
913 English English Language
914 Spanish Spanish Language
915 Portuguese Portuguese Language
916 Italian Italian language
920 DL, OE, HB9 D-A-CH
921 French French Language
922 Dutch Dutch Language
923 English European English Language
927 Nordic Nordic Language


ID Description
9990 Echo test (private call)
5050-5059 bm-pos2aprs ARS/RRS ID (send your GPS coordinates and APRS messages to this ID)
5060 Default BM ARS/RRS


See the "Átjátszók" dropdown menu on