MCC Prefix 231
Coordinators OM1AEG, OM8KT, 
Website http://www.hamradio.sk/


Master: 2302 CZ
Master sysop: OK1MX
This site admins: OM1AEG, OM8KT
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Last heard:
Master 2302
TG 231 - Slovakia
TG 23110 - OM CHAT
TG 23112 - ARES Slovakia

Online DMR repeaters - search for "om0"
Hoseline - open player in the upper right corner and enter TG number(s) to listen the traffic

National Static Talk Groups

Timeslot 1

TG 231 = main calling and talking group - nationwide, linked to all repeaters in Slovakia
For long lasting communication consider switching to Local TG or OM chat TG on TS2 (read below).

Timeslot 2

Local communication via one repeater and connection between two repeaters

1.) OM0OAD Kubinska hola - TG 231001
2.) OM0ODA Bratislava - TG 231003
3.) OM0ODB Bratislava - TG 231111
4.) OM0OAA Zilina - TG 231301
5.) OM0OUA Krizava - TG 231302
6.) OM0OAC Cadca - TG 231304
7.) OM0OAF Banska Bystrica - TG 231305
8.) OM0ODZ Zvolen - TG 231320
9.) OM0ODM Kosice - TG 231401
10.) OM0ODK Kojsovska hola - TG 231405

If you want to call to other repeater, set the local TG of distant repeater.

Some pairs of repeaters located close to each other are permanently linked to local talkgroup of the opposite repeater.
These repeaters are connected in this way:
OM0OAF Banska Bystrica - OM0ODZ Zvolen
OM0ODM Kosice - OM0ODK Kojsovska hola
Example: If you are transmitting on TG 231401 TS 2 from OM0OAF which is its local TG, you are being transmitted on the same TG and TS 2 also from OM0ODZ.

TG 23112 = A.R.E.S. Slovakia - emergency calls and ARES test net

On demand (dynamic) Talk Groups

Dynamic TG is created (connected) by transmitting on this TG for the first time.
It is created on the same timeslot where it has been initiated.
Dynamic TG will stay active for either 10 minutes after last transmission has been made or received on this TG.
It can be disconnected by transmitting on TG 4000 on the timeslot where the dynamic TG is connected.

TG 23110 = OM chat - for long lasting communication or to connect two or more repeaters, TS 2

TG 4000 = disconnect all dynamic TGs
Disconnection works also on hotspots.

On demand Talk Groups with crosslinks to other digimodes

TG 2311 = D-STAR XLX019 W
TG 2319 = D-STAR XLX019 S - Slovak Republic
TG 2309 = D-STAR XLX019 B - Czech Republic
TG 23010 = D-STAR XLX019 U (23010 is Czech chat group. For the same purpose as Slovak chat group 23110)
TG 2300 = D-STAR XLX019 V + YSF CZ Czech

XLX019 groups
XLX019 last heard

Regular DMR nets

Slovakia NET - every Sunday 17:00 CET - TG 231
A.R.E.S. Slovakia TEST - every Sunday 20:00 CET - TG 23112


MMDVM.ini configuration for access to the National BrandMeister.

* [DMR Network]
* Enable=1
* Address= *ask BM2302 sysops
* Port=62031
* Password=passw0rd
* Slot1=1
* Slot2=1
* Debug=0


9990 (private call) = Parrot

230999 = ARS / RRS / GPS