MCC Prefix 748
Coordinators CX2AL, CX8BIT, CX4AE, CX1RV, CX4RT, 
Website https://wiki.brandmeister.network/index.php/Uruguay


Last heard on TGs 748, 7487 and 7489

Obtaining a digital ID

Contact lists

For the moment, this page contains lists only for the Anytone AT-D868UV/AT-D878UV and Alinco DJ-MD5TGP,/ DJ-MD5T radios. Guillermo, CX8BIT, will continue to add lists for other radios.

TG's in Uruguay's departments


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Talk Groups in URUGUAY

In Uruguay, there are no restrictions on TG's use. Repeaters, mobile and handheld radios, DMO's, etc., are open to all TG's on any slot. There are, however, some conventions or recommendations for the use of TG's and for the programming of handies or mobile stations.
These are the following:

  • 1-Repeaters

  • a) National TG 748 is programmed as permanent on slot 1. It is meant as a calling channel, for establishing the initial contact and facilitate QSY to a regional or user activated talk group (CXUA's). Please remember that a QSO on TG 748 occupies time slot 1 on all repeaters that have TG748 as permanent on that slot ( almost all CX repeaters).
  • b) Emergency TG, 74800, should be programmed as permanent or fixed on both slots.
  • c) It is suggested that the TG corresponding to the department's TG be programmed on slot 2 as permanent.

  • 2-Handies and mobile radios.

  • -These are programmed with TG 74800 in the Rx list of all channels. No Rx list should be programmed selecting the "none" or "no Rx list" options in the programming software. This allows the emergency TG 74800 to always be heard.

  • 3-Hotspots and DMO gateways.

  • -74800 is programmed as permanent in whatever slot the hotspot or DMO uses.
  • - It is suggested that the TG corresponding to the department's TG be programmed on the used slot(1 or 2) as permanent.

Talk Groups on Time Slot 1

  • 748 - Uruguay national (permanent on most CX repeaters)
  • 74800 - Emergency

Talk Groups on Time Slot 2


A Cluster is a special TG (TG8, for instance) that makes a group of repeaters to act as a single repeater, where you can talk only locally, as you would on a repeater on TG9. This TG, as TG9, cannot be reached from another repeater that is not included in the cluster. No Clusters exist as yet in Uruguay. If you would like to create a cluster, please read this page: Creating a new cluster

User-activated (Tactical) Uruguay Talk Groups on Time Slot 2

User-activated talk groups, also known as "tactical", "dynamic" or "on demand" talk groups, are activated by pressing PTT once. The talk group will stay active (on the repeater it has been activated) for 10 minutes after the last activation. In Uruguay users "meet" on national or regional talk groups (e.g., TG 748,TS1) and will then agree to switch to one of the user-activated talk groups (TGs 74830, 74840, 74850, 74860). Since user-activated talk groups are used on time slot 2, this operating procedure frees up resources on time slot 1 for other users.

Talkgroup Timeslot Description
74830 2 CXUA 1
74840 2 CXUA 2
74850 2 CXUA 3
74860 2 CXUA 4


All Applications


- CAI Network: 12

- ARS Radio ID: XXX999 , XXX being the first three digits of any Master Server.
(This server does not necessarily need to be the Master Server to which the repeater is connected)

- preferred channel settings:

- ARS: On System/Site Change

- IP Site Connect: On

- GPS Revert: Selected

- Data Call Confirmed: Off (unchecked)


  • xxx997 Parrot (Private call and TS2), xxx being the first three digits of the country server you want to use

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Callsign ID Tx freq. Rx freq. Permanent TGs S1 Permanent TGs S2 Location Remarks

CX6CXX 748xxx 432.925 437.925 Montevideo(Sede RCU) Hytera RD625
CX1AXX 748003 146.760 146.160 748, 74800 74800,7487 Montevideo - (Sede RCU) RCU-In service as of March 29th, 2022, DMR,Fusion and Dstar
CX8CXX 748004 145.500 144.900 748 74800,74801,74802,748230 Montevideo - Unión RADIOGRUPO SUR
CX9SXX 748005 432.425 437.425 748 74800,74810 Lavalleja - MINAS RADIO CLUB MINAS - CX2AL
CX1DXX 748011 432.500 437.500 748 74800,74804,748230 Canelones - Joanicó RADIOGRUPO SUR
CX9TXX 748012 432.500 437.500 748 74800,74815,748230 Rocha - (Sede de C.R.R y C.A.R) RADIOGRUPO SUR, CENTRO RADIOAFICIONADOS ROCHA,


CX4UXX 748013 432.200 437.200 748 74800,74820 Treinta y Tres - Ruta 8 Km 323.700
CX2TXX 748014 Rocha
CX7DXX 748015 432.825 437.825 748 74800,74804,748230 Canelones - Solymar RADIOGRUPO SUR

CX7BXX 748102 432.350 437.350 732,74800,716911,

724193,730911,732911, 734911,744911,748911



Montevideo - Paso de la Arena CX5AL - CX4AE
CX4RXX 748103 432.300 437.300 748 74800,74811,7489 Maldonado - Punta del Este CX4RT
CX9BXX 748104 432.150 437.150 748 74800,74801,74802,748230 Montevideo - Cordón RADIOGRUPO SUR-Not on the air
CX7RXX 748106 432.750 437.750 748 74800,74811,7489 Maldonado - Piriápolis Under maintenance-CX4RT
CX9RXX 748019 432.200 437.200 74800 74800 Maldonado - Piriápolis CX4AE - CX1AAO - CX6AT Uruguay Link
CX8DXX 748107 432.550 437.550 748 74800,74804,748230 Canelones - Las Piedras RADIOGRUPO SUR
CX4VXX 748017 432.350 437.350 748, 74800 7487, 74800,74805, Melo-Cerro Largo CX4AE, CX3VB
CX4EXX 748018 146.700 146.100 74800, 74800, Libertad - San José Uruguay Link
CX9DXX 748006 432.925 437.925 748, 74800 7487, 74800 Montevideo Radio Club Uruguayo
CX8TXX 748007 Projected
CX3IXX 748008 432.500 437.500 74812 7487 Paysandu Uruguay-Link - CX3AF
CX4TXX 748009 432.850 437.850 74800 74800 La Paloma-Rocha Uruguay-Link, Centro de Radioaficionados de Rocha
CX8JXX 748026 147.090 147.690 74800, 7487 74800 Salto Uruguay Link
CX4CXX 748016 432.450 437.450 74800 74800 Montevideo Uruguay Link
CX7CXX 748024 432.625 437.625 74800 74800, 7487 Montevideo Uruguay Link
CX8PXX 748027 432.300 437.300 74800 74800 Rivera Uruguay-Link, CX2PA, CX5DT

DMO Gateways (high power hotspots)

Please no hotspots on satellite band: 435,000 to 438,000 and 145,800 to 146,000

Callsign ID Frequency Location Remarks
CX1RV 748021103 434.900 Maldonado
CX8BIT 7480021 147.990 Montevideo
CX2TG 7480017 146.598 Rocha
CX2UI 7480045 145.050 Treinta y Tres
CX3AF 7480023 433.050 Paysandú
CX1LA 7480019 145.550 Casupá-Florida
CX2FX 7480095 146.460 Tarariras-Colonia
CX2DAJ 7481017 146.080 Santa Lucía-Canelones
CX2TN 7480132 146.180 Castillos - Rocha
CX3JU 748102516 434.100 Salto
CX4AE 748102517 433.100 Nueva Helvecia-Colonia
CX1HL 748102520 433.100 Young- Río Negro
CX1VH 748005601 433.100 Melo-Cerro Largo
CX1VH 748005604 145.010 Melo-Cerro Largo
CX1VE 74800090 433.100 Rio Branco-Cerro Largo
CX5TS 7480112 145.100 Chuy-Rocha
CX1MB 7480021 432.100 Trinidad-Flores

These are unconfirmed frequencies - More Gateways under construction!

Analog gateway to DMR, TG 748

There is an analog (fm) gateway/access to DMR TG 748 S1 in Montevideo on 147.870 Mhz.(CTCSS 82.5) It is located in the Parque Rodó neighborhood. Welcome to use it.

Color codes used in Uruguay to build repeaters and DMO gateways

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Connections/cabling table

Signal Color Motorola GM300 pin number DB9 pin on Scott Zimmermann's STM32_DVM_PiHat board Yaesu FT-7900 Icom ID-880E (colors are for Yaesu CT-39 cable) Notes
Tx audio flat red 5 2 1 1(brown) Data input to Tx
ground orange 7 8 2 2 (pink)
Rx audio yellow 11 6 4 4 (yellow) output from Rx discriminator. 600mV RMS @ 60% dev. This pin is labeled "DISCR" in the Motorola documentation, and provides receiver audio output and is controlled by the position of JU551 on the logic board near the audio output transistors. When JU551 is installed in position A the output is flat (not de-emphasized) and is not muted by the radio squelch. When in position B the output audio is both squelch muted and de-emphasized. The jumper is normally shipped in position A. In most applications you want the de-emphasized position. Note that there are three jumpers on the board, labeled JU551, JU601 and JU808, so if you need to change the mode of the audio make sure that you move the correct one. See the photo here.
COS/SQL green 8 X 6 6 (blue) Programmable on GM300, active high on Yaesu FT-7900/7800
PTT brown 3 5 3 3 (orange) Tx on when this pin is grounded
RSSI black 15 4 X X GM350, not used on GM300, FT-7900/7800 or Icom ID-880
12V out white

13 9 (12V in) X X On the GM300 and similar radios, pin 13 connects to J8-5 which supplies +12V switched power from the radio on/off switch.This connection can deliver 500 mA current, fused by the 2A internal radio fuse.We recommend the use of a 3 or 5A stepdown external unit to feed the STM32/Raspberry Pi MMDVM .

Do not forget, very important: jumper 551 on A (In this position, the Rx audio on the accessory connector J3 is flat, not de-emphasized, and unmuted), and jumper 601 on B (The high speed Rx data path to the microcomputer is flat from 1Hz to 3kHz). (bottom side of radio). This 601 jumper activates/deactivates the audio low pass filter.

ignition sense violet 10 X X X By making this connection, you allow the GM300 to turn on automatically after a power interruption.