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MCC Prefix 230
Coordinators OK1MX, 
Website http://www.hamradio.cz/

Czech & Slovak = BM2302

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WorldWide Dashboard

Czech Dashboard

Slovak Dashboard

All hams are welcome from all over the world works without any limitations.

Worldwide Talk Groups

The talk groups that are available worldwide and based on the spoken language and geographic area. These talk groups may be configured as Dynamic Talk Groups in your area which are contacted by a PTT press on a group contact number. After the PTT press, the repeater transmits activity on this talk group for 10 minutes after last PTT press.

Number Name Notes
91 Worldwide English English Language
92 Europe European Region
93 or 3100 North America United States and Canada
95 Pacific Rim Australia and New Zealand
910 German German Language
911 French French Language
913 English English Language
914 Spanish Spanish Language
915 Portuguese Portuguese Language
921 French French Language
923 English European English Language

National Static Talk Group

These talk groups may be configured as Static Talk Group, it is a national wide

Number Name Notes
230 National Czech All National CZ Repeaters ( also broadcasts on Slovakia repeaters)
231 National Slovak All National SK Repeaters (also broadcasts on Czech repeaters)
2300 Crossconect Crossconect between Czech DMR Reflector 4270 x D-Star DCS019V x YSF x Wires-x channel (also broadcasts on TS2-TG9 on all Czech and Slovak national repeaters)
2301 Bohemia Only Bohemia region Repeaters
2302 Moravia Only Moravia region Repeaters
2309(On demand) D-Star(B) Czech and Slovak D-Star centre of activity DCS019B
2319(On demand) D-Star(S) Czech and Slovak D-Star centre of activity DCS019S
2311 Slovakia Only Slovak Repeaters + D-STAR - DCS019W
23010 CHAT OnDemand + D-STAR - DCS019U - Please move here if you chat longer than 5-10 minutes!


Attention! Reflectors are now Deprecated

Use the appropriate TalkGroup

Following talk groups may be configured as Dynamic Talk Groups with respect to listed reflectors worldwide.These are activated by a PTT press on a relevant group number. After initial PTT press repeater then transmits activity on this talk group for 10 minutes since last activity of the group / reflector or local PTT press.

Number Name Notes
4270 DCS019V x YSF "CZ Czech" x WiresX "Moravia" DMR D-STAR C4FM cross-link
4271 TG 230 Linked to TG230 (Czech)
4272 TG 231 Linked to TG231 (Slovak)

Dynamic Talk Groups and Reflector management using DMR Terminal (TRX)

Apart from static Talk Groups(TG), dynamic TG will be created upon transmitting on this TG for first time, TG will be created on same timeslot(TS) it has been initiated. Dynamic TG will state active for either 10 minutes after last transmission has been made or received on this particular TG or it can be deleted / removed by transmitting on TG4000 on respective timeslot. As of December the server will now respond "Not Linked" on either Time Slot, previously only on Time Slot 2.

So to sum this up -

                              TG4000: =  all dynamic Talk Groups disconnection

On HotSpots (DV-MEGA, OpenSPOT,MMDVM) where there is a single TimeSlot (TS2), the same applies - TG4000 disconnects all

Local Repeater usage of connect between two repeaters

- Each repeater has its own TG-230xxx = ID. For local use, set the TG of repeaters.

- If you want Your call only to one of the other repeaters, set its ID as the TG.

OK0ND TG-230120
OK0OMX TG-230199
OK0BCA TG-230401
OK0BAF TG-230505
OK0Z TG-230601
OK0DSJ TG-230703
OK0DIT TG-230666
OK0CHB TG-230603
OK0Q TG-230501
OK0DRB TG-230110
OM0OUE TG-231403
OM0ODP TG-231404
OM0OUA TG-231302
OM0ODB TG-231111
OM0OAC TG-231304
OM0ODM TG-231401
OM0OAF TG-231305


This is the way to configure MMDVM.ini to give access to the National BrandMeister.

* [DMR Network]
* Enable=1
* Address= *ask BM2302 sysops
* Port=62031
* Password=passw0rd
* Slot1=1
* Slot2=1
* Debug=0


Private Call 9990 Parrot
230999 (replaced 5057) ARS/RRS/GPS
Private 230992 Actual Time delivered as SMS
Private 230991 PI - delivered as 60s speach (useful for testing)
Private 2308xx WX Warning request - delivery via SMS

Regions for WX Warning

Rozdělení krajů na TG:

230801 Praha 231801 Bratislavský
230802 Jihomoravský 231802 Trnavský
230803 Jihočeský 231803 Trenčiansky
230804 Pardubický 231804 Nitriansky
230805 Královéhradecký 231805 Žilinský
230806 Vysočina 231806 Banskobystrický
230807 Karlovarský 231807 Prešovský
230808 Liberecký 231808 Košický
230809 Olomoucký
230810 Plzeňský
230811 Středočeský
230812 Moravskoslezský
230813 Ústecký
230814 Zlínský