The Netherlands
MCC Prefix 204
Coordinators PD0ZRY, 

The configuration specific to The Netherlands

Master info

DMR ID Managed by Location Remarks

2041 PD0ZRY,  Amersfoort Test Master, does not work all the time

2042 PD0ZRY,  Amsterdam Stable Production master

Talk groups / Reflectors

TalkGroup/2042044500Country wide talkgroup
TalkGroup/204120414501regional talkgroup for the north part of the Netherlands
TalkGroup/2041120411NoMulti Mode [X]Cross 411. Formerly called ZODigi. Hotspots and code-plug experiments. Not repeater coupled. Hotspot only, although repeaters allow dynamic coupling to 20411.
TalkGroup/204220424502regional talkgroup for the middle part of the Netherlands
TalkGroup/2042120421Local talkgroup for the city of Amersfoort and surrounding area
TalkGroup/204320434503Regional Talkgroup for the south part of the Netherlands
TalkGroup/204420444504regional talkgroup for the east part of the Netherlands
TalkGroup/2044120441Regional talkgroup for the IJsselmond region
TalkGroup/20452045Technical discussions
TalkGroup/20498812049881Link to XRF88A
TalkGroup/20498822049882Link to XRF88B
TalkGroup/9166591665Royal Netherlands Marine Corps


9990 Parrot
Facts about "The Netherlands"
CoordinatorPD0ZRY +
CountryThe Netherlands +
DMR ID2041 + and 2042 +
MCC204 +
ManagerPD0ZRY +