The Netherlands
MCC Prefix 204
Coordinators PD0ZRY, 

The configuration specific to The Netherlands

Master info

DMR ID Managed by Location Remarks

2041 PD0ZRY,  Amsterdam

Talk Groups

TalkGroup/204204Country wide talkgroup
TalkGroup/20412041regional talkgroup for the north part of the Netherlands
TalkGroup/20422042regional talkgroup for the middle part of the Netherlands
TalkGroup/2042120421Local talkgroup for the city of Amersfoort and surrounding area
TalkGroup/2042620426The Talkgroup for users in the Drechtsteden (Dordrecht, Papendrecht, Zwijndrecht, Sliedrecht) and people who want to talk to people from/in those cities.
TalkGroup/20432043Regional Talkgroup for the south part of the Netherlands
TalkGroup/20442044regional talkgroup for the east part of the Netherlands
TalkGroup/2044120441Regional talkgroup for the IJsselmond region
TalkGroup/20452045Technical discussions
TalkGroup/20498812049881Link to XRF88A
TalkGroup/20498822049882Link to XRF88B
TalkGroup/9166591665Royal Netherlands Marine Corps


9990 Parrot
204999 ARS/RRS/GPS