Hi there!

Our project is developing very rapidly, we are trying to provide excellent quality and to support the maximum number of radio access equipment and user terminals. Due to this I should buy a certain amount of equipment. At the moment, my test lab consists of two repeaters by Hytera and Motorola. The plan is to buy one or two repeaters from other manufacturers.

Unfortunately due to the economic crisis in Russia (high currency rates), I can not pay the bills for the last purchased repeaters. Due the need for regression tests, I can not return this equipment because I need to have it in the laboratory at all times (tests with new firmwares, new features, ...).

In this situation, I see only one possibility, and this is to ask the community to make donations. After the payment of every piece of equipment I will write about it on this page. I guarantee that your donation will only be used for the BrandMeister project.

You can help us make our product better!

Best 73' R3ABM

Current state

We got about 6516 euros on 17 February 2017.

Special thanks

We would like to take the next possible opportunity to thank every single person who has donated and helped us to improve BrandMeister!

  • Giacomo De Angelis
  • Marc Mancastroppa
  • D.J. Feeney
  • Cyrill Busslinger
  • Sean Baxter
  • James Sauer
  • RFinder, LLC
  • William A Carreira Jr
  • Joel Wilhite
  • Toshen Golias
  • Ralph Hemenway
  • Jeffrey Kopcak
  • Uwe Gartmann
  • Ralph-Armin Schmid
  • Alessandro Borgonovo
  • Emmanuel Timmerman
  • Mauro Colantoni
  • Chuck Kraly
  • David Cardeñosa
  • John Anderson
  • Thilo Sauer
  • Susi Christen
  • Peter Krissak
  • Inigo Bastarrica Berasategui
  • Miguel Tecles Doñate
  • Dave Randles
  • Armin Roether
  • Alexander Jessautzki
  • Tim Barrett
  • Richard Karch
  • Dennis Hudson
  • Michael Rickey
  • Thomas Gasta
  • Uwe Ebbenga
  • Raffaello Di Martino
  • Jean Gervers, Romeo 09
  • Augustinus van Dooren
  • Hippolyte Paul Tournier
  • Philippe MONTEL
  • Michael Pechner
  • Ronald Verweerdt
  • Raymond Piat
  • Chuck Kraly
  • Beni HB9FEF
  • Meinhard DL2MF
  • Tullio Fabbri
  • Hans Jørgen Strandby
  • Pavel Bruyaka
  • Joaquim Fabregas Rius
  • Stewart Alpert
  • Alexander Chaykin
  • Wilfried Haeusle
  • Adam Cartwright
  • Dietmar Otterstätter
  • Jiří Čulák
  • Gerald Hogue
  • Jeffrey Scherzer
  • Joerg Saalfeld
  • Armin Roether
  • Milan OK1MX
  • Johan Hansson SM0TSC / SWEDMR
  • David Mclemore
  • Andrew Squires
  • Yoram Rotbach
  • Christer Castengren SM7SKI / SWEDMR
  • Sebastian Ittner
  • Les Diefenbach
  • Hogt Telecom (http://www.hogttelecom.nl)
  • Rob Heykoop
  • Jan SA0AQN 240071/SH8IP 2400180
  • Alan Marshall
  • Tom Breckwoldt
  • Allister Watson
  • Antonio Angeloni
  • Pascal Witjes
  • Tjardick van der Kraan
  • Rob Peters
  • Radek Vagner
  • Bryan Beam
  • Fred Boehling
  • Magnus Ovrebo
  • Leon Ponsa
  • Robert Buford
  • Carlo Poggio
  • Paulus H J Schulinck
  • Radio TV Kommunikations Service
  • funk-elektronik HF Communication
  • Alan Biddle
  • Holger Riethmueller
  • Emmett Perdue
  • Robin Mather
  • Belair Technologies

Various people who have donated at the following events

  • Ham Radio Friedrichshafen (2016) in Germany
  • Hamfair La Louviere (2016) in Belgium
  • Hamfair Apeldoorn (2016) in The Netherlands