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Hytera RD622,RD-625,RD-962,RD-965,RD-982,RD-982S,RD-985,RD-985S
Vendor Hytera
Model RD622,RD-625,RD-962,RD-965,RD-982,RD-982S,RD-985,RD-985S
Firmware 6.00,6.05,7.00,7.06,8.00
Website unspecified
DMR Yes D-Star No
Tetra No P25 No
Terminal support
Group call Yes Voice call Yes
SMS Yes IP Yes
DMR Protocol support
Talker Alias Yes In call GPS Yes

Tested equipment

Repeater models:


  • 6.00
  • 6.05
  • 7.00
  • 7.06
  • 8.00

Configuration guide

Configuration of Hytera Repeater

IP MultI-Site Connect
Manual Set DNS On/Off:              checked
DNS Server IP:             (for example :-)
Repeater Type:                      IP Multi-Site Slave
Jitter Buffer Length:               8
Master UDP-Port:                    50000
IP Multi-Site Networking UDP-Port:  50000
IP Multi-Site Service:              checked
IP Multi-Site Service UDP Port:     50001
Remote RDAC:                        checked
Remote RDAC UDP-Port:               50002
Master Domain On/Off:               checked
Domain Names:              (for example :-)

Issues with connectivity


Typically the Hytera repeater has issues with an empty Network Authentication Key field. When you clear the password, it is still sending encrypted connection requests to the server. To solve this problem, you need to fill some text into the password field and upload the codeplug into the repeater then clear the password and upload the codeplug again.

NAT traversal

BrandMeister has NAT traversal mechanism for Hytera repeaters. If you have experience with network DMR+ you need to switch off all existing rules of port forwarding.

Specific cases

To avoid problems with strong NAT or multiple repeaters behind single IP we created special tool TellusAgent. TellusAgent is a simple daemon that can run on very cheap hardware such as Raspberry Pi and act as a proxy server for repeater. TellusAgent supports single port IPv4/IPv6 connection on the uplink side and can be run multiple times on the single host inside your intranet.

TellusAgent should be run as many times as many repeaters you have connected by (one instance proxifies single repeater only)


    --connect-port <local port for Master service>
    --control-port <local port for RDAC service>
    --media-port <local port for DMR service>
    --server-address <domain name of BrandMeister DMR Server>
    --server-port <service port of BrandMeister DMR Server>
    --service-mode <set of bits>
        bit 0 - print to standard output
        bit 1 - print to system log
        bit 2 - run as daemon

Source Code of TellusAgent

Unexpected VSWR alarm

With latest firmware (A8) there seems to be some bug with false VSWR alarms. Uncheck the forward power / VSWR alarm options, to get rid off those annoying messages until they fix in some later release.

Wrong frequency on Dashboard or other strange behavior

After changing the frequency on Hytera RD625 - BM dashboard still shows original frequency, not the actual. Repeater normally operates without problems. Looking into the Logs - BM is seeing that the master sends the wrong frequency. (Still the original one before the change) Following will not help: reboot, power OFF / ON, change of channel.

Solution was that I took from another CPS file from another repeater, modified it and applied to RD625 in question.

The probable cause of this problem was the upgrade from version 7.0.x to 7.6.x. When this upgrade happens – it should convert repeaters codeplug to newer CPS and it probably was not successful.

Facts about "Hytera/Repeaters"
Firmware6.00 +, 6.05 +, 7.00 +, 7.06 + and 8.00 +
Has arstrue +
Has dmrtrue +
Has dstarfalse +
Has gpstrue +
Has grouptrue +
Has igpstrue +
Has iptrue +
Has p25false +
Has smstrue +
Has tatrue +
Has tetrafalse +
Has voicetrue +
ModelRD622 +, RD-625 +, RD-962 +, RD-965 +, RD-982 +, RD-982S +, RD-985 + and RD-985S +
VendorHytera +