MCC Prefix 262, 263
Coordinators DL3OCK, 

The BrandMeister Master Server in Germany is hosted by the UP4DAR Team On this wiki page, you can see some information about the German Brandmeister System MASTER-2621. And you can also find detailed information in German language at There is also a wiki for German readers, please have a look at

Wer mit seinem Repeater zum BrandMeister wechseln möchte schreibt kurz eine Mail an , wir helfen euch dann weiter.

Dashboards & Status Pages

Use one of the following Website to get an overview.

Worldwide Talk Groups

The Talk Groups that are available worldwide and based on the spoken language and geographic area. These Talk Groups may be configured as Dynamic Talk Groups. After the PTT press, the repeater transmits activity on this talk group for 15 minutes after last PTT press.

Timeslot Number Name Notes
1 91 Worldwide English English Language
1 92 Europe European Region
1 3100 North America United States and Canada
1 95 Pacific Rim Australia and New Zealand
1 910 German German Language
1 911 French French Language
1 913 English English Language
1 914 Spanish Spanish Language
1 915 Portuguese Portuguese Language
1 916 Italian Italian language
1 920 DL, OE, HB9 D-A-CH
1 921 French French Language
1 922 Dutch Dutch Language
1 923 English European English Language
1 927 Nordic Nordic Language

National Talk Groups

TG262 is the main talkgroup, nation wide, typical in Timeslot1

You can find a Talkgroup List at

Regional Talk Groups and Cross-Link

The list shows only typical used TG in Germany. (Last change. August 22, 2016)

TG8 Region List


Timeslot Talkgroup Notice Link Reflector
1 TG232 Austria n/a 4232
1 TG262 Germany n/a 4262
2 TG2620 Sachsen-Anhalt/Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
2 TG2621 Berlin/Brandenburg
2 TG2622 Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein
2 TG2623 Niedersachsen/Bremen
2 TG2624 Nordrhein-Westfalen
2 TG2625 Rheinland-Pfalz/Saarland
2 TG2626 Hessen
2 TG2627 Baden-Württemberg
2 TG2628 Bayern
2 TG2629 Sachsen/Thüringen
2 TG26200 reserved
2 TG26201 Link to D-Star XRF262 X
2 TG26202 Link to D-Star XLX311 D
2 TG26203 Link to D-Star XRF423 B
2 TG26204 Link to D-Star XRF433 B
2 TG26205 Link to D-Star XRF456 B
2 TG26206 Link to D-Star XRF850 B
2 TG26207 Link to C4FM Reflector
2 TG26208 CrossLink YSF262 C4FM
2 TG26209 reserved for future cross-link
2 TG26210 Projekt-PEGASUS Wires-X <-> YSF <-> Echolink
Service Number Functionality
262993 WX SMS - Sending a WX report (several parameters for locations available, i.e. wx rpt or wx gps)
262994 RPT SMS - Generates a message with current active repeater TG's
262997 Parrot - Make personal call to get an echo replaying your audio up to 30 sec. for quality check and device test
262999 APRS - GPS/APRS frames send to this ID are being forwarded to

Here you can find a documentaion of our TMS/SMS Services:


  • How to connect a Hytera Repeater to the German Master [[1]]
  • How to connect an DV4mini Stick to the Brandmeister Network [[2]]]
  • A presentation of the Idear "Advanced DMR Networking" [[3]] (German language)
  • DMR basic understanding [[4]] (German language)

Contact BM262 Team Members

Contact one of this members, if you have any questions:

  • OM Denis, DL3OCK, Head of German BM-Team and Member of International BM-Admin-Board, Admin 2621,2622
  • OM Ralph DK5RAS, Support Master Admin 2621,2622
  • OM Torben, DH6MBT, Webmaster of, Support Master Admin 2621,2622
  • OM Klaus, DL5RFK, Webmaster of, Support Master 2621,2622
  • OM Robert, DK5RTA, Developer, Support Master Admin 2621, 2622
  • OM Burkhard, DL1IK, Support Master Admin 2621, 2622
  • and you?

Own Project

The german BM Team created in July 2016 a RaspberryPi Image with a easy to use webbased Configuration site. For more details, please have a look at This is an OpenSource project(GPL) and any contribution helps us to improve easyBM.

MMDVM DMR Network Configuration  or


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