Central Kansas (31204)
Description CENTRAL KANSAS Repeater Group
Website unspecified
Country United States of America
Reflector YSF 49235
Bridged to
D-Star No Tetra No
P25 No Analog Yes
Wires-X No YSF Yes

Central Kansas Repeater Group is a group of hams located in central Kansas. We currently host 9 repeaters. 5 of those are Yaesu dr-1x. the other 4 are Motorola mobiles running as repeaters. Our very fist DMR repeater lives in the city of Great Bend. We have added a yaesu reflector into the mix as well as a analog bridge.

Ways to access this TG are not limited to DMR. You may link to the:

    • Wires-X Room 40777 (Digital) Not active at this time
    • Yaesu Reflector 49235
    • AllStar Link 46495 (Analog)
    • Echo Link 771574 (KB0QNK-R)
    • Analog Repeater 444.925 (Hoisington)
    • C4FM (DN Mode only) 444.100 Repeater (Great Bend)
    • And BrandMeister DMR TG 31204

Please feel free to use this TG at any time. The Cluster is running between all our repeaters. with TG2 TS2 (Local) with master 3102 Check our website for more info on the network and static TG's

If your passing through and will be staying and would like a static TG added to one of our repeaters please contact one of us and we can add that for you.