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TalkGroup/284112284112284112Bulgaria Disaster and Emergency Traffic    
TalkGroup/29499Macedonia Tech29499Macedonian support group    
TalkGroup/302024302024420 Network420 Ragchew XX 
TalkGroup/4607246072438.925 Shenzhen,ChinaFor Chinese Shenzhen region`s HAM,Hakka Channel.    
TalkGroup/310530310530444.525 Repeater444.525 Repeater    
TalkGroup/31654316544sQRPFour State QRP TalkGroup    
TalkGroup/515911515911515911Philippine Disaster and Emergency TrafficX X 
TalkGroup/552838520838520838 ADRThai TeamDMR Brandmeister ThaiXXXX
TalkGroup/520838520838520838 Thailand (520838)ADRThai-Analoge&Digital Radio ThailandXXXX
TalkGroup/520555520555555 THAILAND Team.Welcome to DMR TG520555 THAILANDXXX 
TalkGroup/31257231257296 Amateur Radio Group96 Amateur Radio Group    
TalkGroup/286911286911AFAD GönüllüleriAmatör telsiz Belgesine Sahip Gönüllüler  XX
TalkGroup/3026130261ALBERTAProvincial talkgroup    
TalkGroup/3101331013ALERT-K4NWSThe Alabama Emergency Response Team XX 
TalkGroup/9800698006AMSATRadio Amateur Satellite Corporation  X 
TalkGroup/72277227AR WIRES-X DigitalDigital Bridge BM - WIRES-X - YSFXXX 
TalkGroup/3116631166ARES ID Dist 6ARES ID District 6 (Bonn, Jeff, Mad, Tet, Fre, Clark, Custer, Lemhi, Butte)    
TalkGroup/3122931229ARKLATEX TGA talkgroup serving the Arklatex. The Arklatex consists of areas in South West Arkansas, North West Louisiana and North East Texas    
TalkGroup/31013101AlabamaAlabama Statewide    
TalkGroup/31362753136275Albany Area Amateur AssocHam club talk group    
TalkGroup/3165631656America-LinkBridge to Wires X #21080X X 
TalkGroup/9502495024AngaraAsiatic-RU, Siberian    
TalkGroup/722722ArgentinaWelcome to Argentina!    
TalkGroup/72217221Argentina - AMBAArea Metropolitana Buenos Aires - Argentina    
TalkGroup/7229TG 7229Argentina ROOMARGENTINA ROOM - Red Digital/AnalogicaXXX 
TalkGroup/31053105ArkansasArkansas Statewide    
TalkGroup/3027530275Aviation de loisirTalkgroup amical Canada    
TalkGroup/2062020620BELGIUM CHATA Talkgroup dedicated to all hams that are interested in General Communications, without the need of making a QSY to another Talkgroup    
TalkGroup/460685460685BG2DIH IRCBG2DIH IRCXXXX
TalkGroup/4607846078BG7OZPCreated by BM    
TalkGroup/460353460353BH3UZYyangquan shanxi TG yangquan HAM    
TalkGroup/460576460576BR5AU中继组浙江省台州市天台县  X 
TalkGroup/426426Bahrain DMRBahrain TG 426XXXX
TalkGroup/4048040480BangaloreRegional Talkgroup    
TalkGroup/9715097150BaycomBay Area Communications Society    
TalkGroup/4601046010BeiJing TalkGroupBeiJing TalkGroup    
TalkGroup/2570125701Belarus MainSingle point of contact with Belorussian HAMsX X 
TalkGroup/20632063Belgium - EastActivates all repeaters (TS1) in the eastern region of Belgium. Language: German.    
TalkGroup/20612061Belgium - NorthActivates all repeaters (TS1) in the northern region of Belgium. Language: Dutch.    
TalkGroup/20622062Belgium - SouthActivates all repeaters (TS1) in the southern region of Belgium. Language: French.    
TalkGroup/2060120601Belgium North YSF BridgeLinked to the Yaesu System Fusion Room 'Belgium North'.  X 
TalkGroup/2060220602Belgium South YSF BridgeLinked to the YSF Reflector 'Belgium South'.  X 
TalkGroup/3301533015Boriken DMR NetworkA talk group for new DMR users in Puerto Rico.    
TalkGroup/2382423824BornHackThis is the gathering place for BornHack participants, hangarounds and other friendly folks.    
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