420 Network (302024)
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Description 420 Ragchew
Website http://www.420reflector.net
Country Canada
Reflector http://xlx.420reflector.net
Bridged to
D-Star Yes Tetra No
P25 No Analog Yes
Wires-X No YSF Yes

The 420 Network welcomes all stations to a place where ragchew is welcome. It was built to use it.

We have many links on the network, C4FM, Dstar, DMR, Analog, that all use 145.420Mhz, 146.420Mhz, and 147.420Mhz.

 Conference: *420*
 Status page --> https://dashboard.420reflector.net

 Reflectors: REF420A / DCS420A / XRF420A / XLX420A
 Status page --> https://xlx.420reflector.net

 Room: CA 420 Network
 Status page --> https://ysf.420reflector.net

 Talkgroup: 302024
 Status page --> http://hose.brandmeister.network/group/302024/