Clermont County Ohio Talk Group (313913)
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Description South West Ohio DMR users
Website unspecified
Country USA
Reflector None
Bridged to
D-Star No Tetra No
P25 No Analog Yes
Wires-X No YSF No

Talk Group is open to all DMR users, talk group is linked to VHF analog simplex with NOAA weather emergency alert receiver with battery backup, National VOIP Hurricane Net (receive only)

Facts about "TalkGroup/313913"
Bridged analogfalse +
Bridged dstarfalse +
Bridged p25false +
Bridged tetrafalse +
Bridged wires-xfalse +
Bridged ysffalse +
CountryUSA +
DescriptionSouth West Ohio DMR users +
NameClermont County Ohio Talk Group +
Talkgroup313913 +