HZ_DIGI_RPT (460501)
Hangzhou city photo 1-e7d1 1400x788.jpg
Description Hangzhou Digital Repeater in Mixed Mode.
Website https://mmdvm.cc/
Country CHINA
Reflector YSF CN CC#1
Bridged to
D-Star No Tetra No
P25 Yes Analog No
Wires-X No YSF Yes

TG460501 已经和 YSF 反射器 "CN CC#1"(18829) 互通。

TG460501 链接到了杭州数字中继BR5AL,下行频率439875,时隙2,色码1 。

BR5AL数字中继基于GP88/UP450电台、强化的MMDVM Modem板子、高度定制和优化的OpenWRT嵌入式系统搭建而成,目前由BG5HHP和BG5HXE共同维护。

TG460501 is a home-brew mmdvm repeater made by BG5HHP(for the all software part) and BG5HXE(for the all radio hardware part)

We have linked TG460501 to YSF reflector "CN CC#1" (18829) , the dashboard address is https://mmdvm.cc/ysf/ We also linked TG460501 to P25 reflector 10402, the dashboard address is https://mmdvm.cc/p25/

Call= BR5AL

Power= 12 Watt

Height= 400m

Radio= GP88 for RX and UP450 for TX, A harden NTH-version-based modem board

Host Box= OpenWrt linux box (MT7620 chip with 128M/32M) + Arduino Due

Slot2: linked to local RF: 439875/CC1/TG460501

Slot1: local-only RF : CC1/TG1