TX ARES EmComm (31487)
Description Texas State-wide Emergency Communications ARES Talkgroup
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Country United States of America
Reflector None
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D-Star No Tetra No
P25 No Analog Yes
Wires-X No YSF No

Tx ARES DMR is a statewide DMR talkgroup dedicated to statewide emergency communications. This talkgroup is designed to make it easier and efficient to pass emergency traffic and information, when the use of a regular generic talkgroup would be unreliable and inefficient. Tx ARES can be accessed on any of the 95 DMR repeaters in the State of Texas, but can also be accessed anywhere else if needed. (each state has at least one talkgroup dedicated for emcomm, so please use your state’s TG if possible) Texas has DMR coverage in well over 100 counties, making it comparable to wide-area public safety trunked systems.

A full dedicated and standalone DMR network is currently in developmental stages for statewide emergency communications. This will allow for complete network control and management, and take out the reliance on third party networks like MARC and Brandmeister, and will be more robust and customizable.

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DescriptionTexas State-wide Emergency Communications ARES Talkgroup +
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