Mabuhay-Canada-Link (30262)
Mabcom Logo.jpg
Description Mabuhay Canada Link
Country Canada
Reflector 3021
Bridged to
D-Star No Tetra No
P25 No Analog Yes
Wires-X No YSF Yes

Sponsor: Mabuhay Communication Group (MABCOM)

Administrator(s): Mervin Dulce (VA6MD, ID 3026097), Geoffrey De Velez (VE6GCD, ID 3026120), Salvador Granado (VE6BUL, ID 3026200)

Purpose: To promote camaraderie among analog/digital ham radio operators around the world. Mostly stationed by Canadians of Filipino descent but all hams are welcome to join the network. Non-DMR users can also communicate to our group via Wires-X room 21812, YSF room FCS00462 and AllStarLink node 40446.

Net Call Schedule: Every Thursday, 8:30 pm MST

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