Souther Ireland Repeater Network (27240)
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Description Link to Southern Ireland Repeater Network
Country Ireland
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The Southern Ireland Repeater Group operate a network of seven RF linked Analog Repeaters in the Southern half of the country which make up the Southern Ireland Repeater Network;

EI7MLR, located on Mt. Leinster on the Carlow/Wexford border at a height of 796m, covering much of the South East and into the Midlands. (RU76 - input 438.550 MHz, output 430.950 MHz, 156.7Hz tone)

EI2DBR, located near Devil's Bit mountain in North Tipperary, covering the Midlands. (R2 - input 145.050 MHz, output 145.650 MHz, 103.5Hz tone)

EI2HHR, located on Helvick Head in Co. Waterford, covering Waterford, South Wexford and East Cork. (R3 - input 145.075 MHz, output 145.675 MHz)

EI7FXR, located at Farmers Cross in Cork city, covering east Cork, Cork City and parts of West Cork. (RU72 - input 438.500 MHz, output 430.900 MHz, 103.5Hz tone)

EI7MHR, located at Mullaghanish Mountain Co. Cork, covering areas of West Cork, North Cork, Limerick County and parts of Co. Kerry. (RU70 - input 438.475 MHz, output 430.875 MHz, 103.5Hz tone)

EI7WDR, located at Carrickphierish in Waterford city, covering Waterford City, South Kilkenny and the Suir Valley. (RB11 - input 434.875 MHz, output 433.275 MHz)

EI7HXR, located at Harney's Cross near Clonmel licenced and managed by Tipperary Amateur Radio Group, Covering the South Tipperary area. (RU68 - input 438.450 MHz, output 430.850 MHz, 103.5Hz tone)

IRLP node 5883 can be accessed from all repeaters on the network.

The group provides six APRS digipeaters plus an APRS IGate on 144.800 MHz which provide coverage over a significant part of the Southern half of the country.

We also provide two UHF MMDVM multimode digital repeaters capable of DMR, Fusion, DStar and Analog modes:

EI7CDD, located at Carronadavderg, between Dungarvan and Youghal, covering West Waterford and East Cork. (DVU52 - input 430.650 MHz, output 439.650 MHz, 103.5Hz tone for analog)

EI7WCD, located at Tramore Co. Waterford, covering the East Waterford/Waterford City areas. (DVU54 - input 430.675 MHz, output 439.675 MHz, 103.5Hz tone for analog)

The repeaters are available for use during public service events and to provide communications support to other organisations in times of emergency.

The repeater network is also used by the South Eastern Amateur Radio Group to broadcast the IRTS weekly news on Tuesday nights at 21.30.

As we operate independently of any other club or organization we welcome donations or contributions from users towards the upkeep and improvement of the group's infrastructure. Donations can be made by clicking on the donate tab on the group's blog page.

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