MCC Talk Group (235)
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Description Not Monitored, USE TG 2350 by default
Website unspecified
Country United Kingdom
Reflector None
Bridged to
D-Star No Tetra No
P25 No Analog No
Wires-X No YSF No

Whilst this TG is available, it is not live or fixed in many repeaters. For a more likely contact, select talk group 2350.

There have been significant calls on this talk group that go unanswered on BrandMeister. 235 is the calling group for other NON-BrandMeister networks in the UK, and normally on Time Slot 1.

Facts about "TalkGroup/235"
Bridged analogfalse +
Bridged dstarfalse +
Bridged p25false +
Bridged tetrafalse +
Bridged wires-xfalse +
Bridged ysffalse +
CountryUnited Kingdom +
DescriptionNot Monitored, USE TG 2350 by default +
NameMCC Talk Group +
Talkgroup235 +