MCC Prefix 238
Coordinators OZ6NOR, 


Welcome to the Danish official BrandMeister Wiki page !

DMR ID Managed by Location Remarks

2381 OZ6NOR - Lasse Nørbom,  unspecified

== Status : BrandMeister Master Server for Denmark is Online! ==

== BrandMeister Denmark - Updated July 2018 ==

Timeslot 1: Talk Group 238 are Static on all Repeaters! Other Talk Groups are dynamic (On Demand). Timeout 5 minutes.
Timeslot 2: Talk Groups 2381, 2382, 2383, 2384, 2385, 2386, 2387, 2388, 2389, 23810, 23811, 23812, 23813 are Static for its region

Danish Reflectors - For DV4MINI users!

These are the geographically differentiated reflectors in Denmark, to be used with the DV4MINI! ( Reflectors are not default on any Repeaters )

Reflector Region
4700 <-> 238 Denmark All
4701 <-> 2381 Denmark Nordjylland
4702 <-> 2382 Denmark Midtjylland
4703 <-> 2383 Denmark Syddanmark
4704 <-> 2384 Denmark Copenhagen
4705 <-> 2385 Denmark Sjaelland

Static Talk Groups

Talk Groups 91, 92, 238 and 927 are preconfiguret on the Sjælland repeaters. Any traffic on these Talk Groups will be repeated.

Timeslot Talk Group Region
TS1 TG91 WW - Worldwide English
TS1 TG92 EU - Europe
TS1 TG238 Denmark All
TS1 TG927 Nordic
TS2 TG9 Local on Repeater
TS2 TG2381 Denmark - Nordjylland
TS2 TG2382 Denmark - Midtjylland
TS2 TG2383 Denmark - Syddanmark
TS2 TG2384 Denmark - Copenhagen
TS2 TG2385 Denmark - Sjælland
TS2 TG2386 Denmark - Chat 1 - Also work as OpenBridge link to DK´s IPSC2 QSY1 TG - Dashboard at
TS2 TG2387 Denmark - Chat 2 - Also work as OpenBridge link to DK´s IPSC2 QSY2 TG - Dashboard at
TS2 TG23812 Denmark - Wires-X Link to Room : 41488 "CQ-DENMARK"

All other Talk Groups are on demand

On Demand Talk Groups on Timeslot 1

You must programme your radio with the desired Talk Group and transmit briefly on Timeslot 1.

The repeater will repeat traffic on the selected Talk Group and return to default after 5 minutes of inactivity.

On Demand Reflectors on Timeslot 2

The easiest way to use reflectors is to programme your radio with Talk Group 9 (Local) in Timeslot 2.

This is the only Talk Group you will need in order to have a QSO on the reflector.

What? How? What then?
Linking to a reflector Select the reflector number from your contacts
and transmit briefly on Timeslot 2.
Repeater voice responds with "Connected to reflektor xxxx"
Then return to Talk Group 9 and have your QSO
Unlinking from a reflector Select reflector 4000 from your contact list
and transmit briefly on Timeslot 2.
Repeater voice responds with "Reflektor not connected"
Check Link Status Select reflector 5000 from your contact list
and transmit briefly on Timeslot 2.
Repeater voice responds with the current reflector link status

Dashboards & Status Pages

Use one of the following Websites to get an overview.

HOWTO connect your Devices to BrandMeister DK!

MMDVM.ini settings :

IP address : IP : or DNS

Port : 62031

Password : passw0rd

Howto connect your Hytera PDC760 ROIP, please use following info :

Server address :

Port number : 50180

Problems connecting your device ? - please contact Lasse :

Guides will be uploaded in the upcoming future.

73 - OZ6NOR

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