Since version 20220327-193759 BrandMeister Core has native support of direct integration with Zello.

Features and limitations

  • BrandMeister uses Zello Channel API gateways to connect, all product line is supported (Zello Consumer, Zello Work, Zello Enterprise)
  • Only TG bridging is supported, each TG has to be associated with a Zello channel
  • Users may have user name in format [<call-sign>]-[<DMR ID>] (configurable), user name is used to map Zello caller to DMR ID
  • Due to strict radio regulations please use channels with MODERATED (SELECT or SELECT+) access ONLY! CHANNEL PASSWORDS are not supported!
  • AMBE codec is required on the DMR side
  • When BrandMeister cannot recognise DMR ID / call from the user name, TG ID will be used, Zello user name will be passed as a talker alias
  • Bridge's transmitting party could be identified via chat message as well as bridge's contact commentary
  • BrandMeister requires dedicated Zello accounts for each bridge, you have to register as many user accounts as bridges you have. Also you have to get at least one set of API keys per system (can be reused between several bridges), for Zello Cosumer please go to Zello Developer portal
  • Username, Key issuer and PK file path has to be configured in BrandMeister's configuration file (please see sample configuration), account passwords have to be registered in the Registry on a standard way for applications: setPassword(LINK_TYPE_APPLICATION, <profile ID>, '<password>')
  • PK can be password protected: openssl rsa -aes256 -in plain.pem -out enc.pem, password has to be registered in Registry: setPassword(IDENTIFIER_TYPE_PEM_PASSWORD, <profile ID>, '<password>')
  • BrandMeister supports streams with frame duration 20/40/60/80/120 ms
  • Bridged channel should be joined manualy via zello app before configuring at BM side.
  • Zello Enterprise should expose it's API strictly at port 443