Talker Alias is a new great possibility added to ETSI DMR specifications in 2016. Its behavior is fully same as Free-Text in D-STAR: a radio transmits text data (as well as it can transmit GPS location) during voice call. We have added two important things to BrandMeister DMR Server:

  • Pass-thru of embedded signaling data (TalkerAlias and GPS) over BrandMeister (if protocol supports this)
  • Generation of Talker Alias in many applications such as Simple Application Protocol, AutoPatch, D-STAR and Fusion gateways

Specification is available here - page 52


  • Can you turn it of on a per user basis
    • No this is not possible (due the nature of group calls)
  • I have issues with audio on my radio
    • Please send PD0ZRY a email with the following information
      • Does it happen every call or only some of them
        • if some of them is it specific to a user or not?
      • Radio type
      • Radio firmware (don't say most recent)
      • Repeater or hotspot it has been received on (only the ID is needed)
      • Possibly even a video / audio of the problem happening

Works on

  • Hytera Repeaters (firmware 7.06 and later)
  • Hytera Radios (firmware v8 and later)
    • PD982(G)
    • PD782(G) / PD785(G)
    • PD682(G) / PD685(G)
    • X1P (Tested with Openspot on Brandmeister, Hytera firmware)
  • openSPOT (firmware 0084 and later)
  • MMDVMHost
  • Pi-Star
  • MD380 TA with this official - tested -
  (This is not an automatic build that kicks off at every change, it is being tested before release)

Radios that do not support TA but have no issues with it

  • Motorola
    • SL4000 fw versioin R02.40.02 (PD0ZRY)
    • SL4000e fw version R02.09.00.001
    • XPR7550e fw version R02.09.00.0001
  • Chinese
    • MD380 with md380tools firmware (PD0ZRY)
    • MD390G with md380tools firmware (PD0ZRY)
    • CS800D firmware version 20.36
  • Hytera PD3/4 Series using different CPS
    • Hytera PD3 series (Tested with PD375 on version 2 firmware)

Unknown to work fully

  • DV4*

Does not work (yet)

  • Motorola Repeaters (possible, but it has issues with decoding audio streams)

Does not work (no possibilities)

  • c-Bridge CC-CC Link (protocol limitation)
  • RadioActivity KAIROS (protocol limitation)