General information

BrandMeister Core supports multiple configuration formats:

JSON (default)

  • Sample Configuration File: /opt/BrandMeister/BrandMeister.sample.json
  • Configuration File: /opt/BrandMeister/BrandMeister.json

LibConfig (old)

  • Sample Configuration File: /opt/BrandMeister/BrandMeister.sample.conf
  • Configuration File: /opt/BrandMeister/BrandMeister.conf

Consul KV

// contents of /opt/BrandMeister/BrandMeister.json
  "configuration" : "",
  "token" : "86bc3216-8751-7bca-57bc-e949981d9130" // optional token if ACLs enabled

Multiple Instances

Technically BrandMeister Core loads configuration files from /opt/BrandMeister/Instances/. Each .conf file (in libconfig format) or folder (containing set of .json files) corresponds to each BrandMeister Core instance. You can read more information about that at BrandMeister Server Clustering.

If you need to create a second instance (or whatever else) of BrandMeister Core you have to create corresponding configuration and register it by call /opt/BrandMeister/ install.

Script automatically creates symlinks to default configuration files /opt/BrandMeister/BrandMeister.json or /opt/BrandMeister/BrandMeister.conf

Local Configuration

Configuration file location : /opt/BrandMeister/Data


Sets the general configuration for Generic.lua

  // General configuration for Generic.lua
  "AutomaticRouting" :
    "Mode" : "None",  // possible values: "National", "NationalOnly", "Regional", "None"
    "Slot" : 1
  "CallEnrichment" :
    "TalkerAlias" : true,
    "ConfirmedCall" : true
  "Timers" :
    "HandOff" : 15,
    "OnDemand" : 600

// Automatic Routing Modes
// NationalOnly: route the talkgroup that matches the first 3 digits of the repeater ID
// National: Do NationalOnly + talkgroup matching first 4 digits of the repeater ID
// Regional: Do only talkgroup with first 4 digits of the repeater ID
// None: Do nothing automatic


Settings for the weekly CQWW Round every saturday evening on TG91

  "WWCQ" : 
  	"Mode" : "By-Default",  // possible values: "Disabled", "By-Default" and "On-Demand"
  	"Slot" : 1              // Slot for mode "By-Default"