Since version 20220310-120737 BrandMeister Core has support of direct integration with Mumble.

Features and limitations

  • BrandMeister uses name bridge-<profile ID> and server password for authentication on Mumble server (non-default password has to be registered in the Registry on a standard way for applications: setPassword(LINK_TYPE_APPLICATION, <profile ID>, '<password>')), stored password format is password[\t<access-token>].
  • Only TG bridging is supported, each TG has to be associated with a Mumble channel
  • Users may have user name in format [<call-sign>]-[<DMR ID>] (configurable), user name is used to map Mumble caller to DMR ID
  • AMBE codec is required on the DMR side, Opus codec is only supported on the Mumble side
  • It is strongly recommended to use PTT mode and not VOX
  • Due to radio-specific identification, BrandMeister passes only first-come call, when multiple Mumble users are transmitting (no mix-down)
  • When BrandMeister cannot recognise DMR ID / call from the user name, TG ID will be used, Mumble user name will be passed as a talker alias
  • Bridge's transmitting party could be identified via chat message as well as bridge's contact commentary


  • Works well with native Mumble client on macOS, iOS, Linux, Windows
  • Works well on Android with Mumla and Plumble