Flag of Montenegro.svg
MCC Prefix 297
Coordinators 4O6DXC, 4O5JD, 
Website https://brandmeister.network/

Master Server

There is currently no dedicated Brandmeister Master Server for Montenegro. The closest server is Germany #2621. Although you can connect your repeater or hotspot on any BrandMeister master server.

National Talk Groups

TG-297 is the main talkgroup, nation wide, typical in Timeslot1 Please check the dashboard page of your local repeater to find out if talkgroups are already configured statically, and if the sysop provides timeslot recommendations for dynamic talkgroups.

Talk Group Description
297 Nationwide Communication
29792 Link to YSF Montenegro, Nationwide Chat

Worldwide Talk Groups

The Talk Groups that are available worldwide and based on the spoken language and geographic area. These Talk Groups may be configured as Dynamic Talk Groups. After the PTT press, the repeater transmits activity on this talk group for 15 minutes after last PTT press.

Number Name Notes
91 Worldwide English English Language
92 Europe European Region
3100 North America United States and Canada
95 Pacific Rim Australia and New Zealand
910 German German Language
911 French French Language
913 English English Language
916 Italian Italian language


Service Number Functionality
262993 WX SMS - Sending a WX report (several parameters for locations available, i.e. wx rpt or wx gps)
262994 RPT SMS - Generates a message with current active repeater TG's
262997 Parrot - Make personal call to get an echo replaying your audio up to 30 sec. for quality check and device test
262999 APRS - GPS/APRS frames send to this ID are being forwarded to APRS.fi