MCC Prefix 270
Coordinators unspecified

Operating in LX

Talk Groups (TG's)

Local TG's

Use TG 9 for local calls on a certain repeater.

Static TG's

National TG's should be made static on timeslot 1 (e.g. TG 270, TG 270x).

The following national TG's exist:

TG Name Notice
270 Luxembourg National TG which should be made static on timeslot 1 of all repeaters in LX.
2701 Luxembourg South
2702 Luxembourg North
2703 Luxembourg Center
2707 LX LARU interconnects DMR repeaters operated by the Luxembourg Amateur Radio Union

Dynamic TG's

Dynamic international TG's should be activated on timeslot 2 (e.g. TG 2061). Dynamic TG's can be activated on both timeslots in the BrandMeister network, but timeslot 2 should be preferred in LX. Please don't link talkgroups randomly on timeslot 1 (TS1) of the repeater. Activated talkgroups will be automatically unlinked after 15 minutes of inactivity.


Please follow these suggestions for LX

Timeslot TG type TG's Notice
1 static, national TG 270, TG 270x, TG 9
2 dynamic, international any TG, TG 9 reflectors

Nevertheless, if a timeslot is busy, the other one can be used for any TG.

Don't activate a dynamic talkgroup on slot 2 if that same talkgroup is already static on slot 1!