Starting BrandMeister release 20190331-203539 has support of directly-connected IMRS repeaters (Yaesu DR2X).

This allows to make direct communications between DMR talking groups and SystemFusion radio via IMRS repeater without using any additional hardware (unlike WIRES-X) and with audio quality 1:1. As it is with WIRES-X or YSF bridges, a SystemFusion radio should transmit in DN mode.


  • Fully transparent calls between DMR and SystemFusion
  • Full call signaling support in both directions
  • Sound quality is 1:1 in both directions
  • No extra hardware is required(*)
  • SystemFusion side doesn’t loose any features
  • Subscription to multiple talking groups for each IMRS repeater (thanks SystemFusion II)

Conceptual view



  • Each connected repeater should have unique public IP (limitation of IMRS)
  • Link allows Fusion calls in DN (A/D type 1 or type 2) mode only, VW (Voice FR) calls will be silent in DMR
  • Due to technological specific up to 99 DG-IDs can be mapped on per master-basis, that means each BM server can bridge up to 99 DG-IDs

Allocated ports

  • UDP 21110


// SystemFusionII Repeater with LAN Adapter (IMRS)
FusionRepeater :
  // UDP Port
  port = 21110;
  // Call of local "repeater"
  call = "CALLSIGN";
  // DP-ID of local "repeater"
  serial = "xxxxx";
  // IMRS TOT Timer (seconds)
  interval = 60;
  // Subscriptions to groups
  subscriptions =
    // <DG-ID>, <Group ID>
    1, 2501,
    2, 9504

IMRS Config1.jpg IMRS Config2.jpg

Issues with connectivity

Silent call from Fusion operator

Mostly operator’s radio is in VW mode. Ask him to switch the radio to DN mode.

DMR radio (and Last Heard) shows talking group number instead ID of operator

  • Operator has not registered his call-sign in CCS7 registration system - ask him to register
  • CRC check failed during processing of SystemFusion