BrandMeister Network has built-in capabilities for failover and redundancy.


Each national group who want to make service fully redundant can perform several activities:

  • Deploy secondary BrandMeister DMR server with mostly same configuration (routing scripts, partially configuration file, etc) but with other server ID. Both servers will be accessible for direct communications.
  • Configure DNS RR, that should help to any repeaters which are using this mechanism of address resolving (such as Hytera or MMDVM). Please note, due some specific (several UDP ports for one connection) this is only way for Hytera.
  • Deploy and configure any stateful UDP LNB close to repeaters that cannot use DNS (such as Motorola) and configure your repeaters to use it.

BrandMeister - Redundancy.png


Some networks in the US has private wireless connections with single uplink. To have full local fail-over they can use local UDP LNB with some kind of local backup master (repeater or cBridge in role of master).