Flag of Cyprus svg -450x270.jpg
MCC Prefix 280
Coordinators 5B4AHZ,5B4SN, 
Website https://www.cyhams.org/

National & International Talk Groups

  • 280 - Main talking group , National/International , Timeslot1

Disclaimer of liability in case of malfunction

The administration and distribution of talkgroups is the responsibility of each repeater owner / administrator. The BrandMeister network and the national master sysop can not impose the routing of each talkgroup on a specific time slot, the owners / administrators of each repeater know about the needs of their serving territories.

Regional Talk Groups

The list shows only typical used TG in Cyprus.

Timeslot Talkgroup Notice Link Reflector
2 TG2802 Nicosia
2 TG2803 Famagusta
2 TG2804 Larnaca
2 TG2805 Limassol
2 TG2806 Paphos
2 TG2807 Kerynia
2 TG28091 Youth Channel (also used for scouts - JOTA)
2 TG28092 Youth Channel
2 TG28096 D-Star Link XLX146
2 TG28097 C4FM Link YSF Cyprus WiresX Nicosia-Cyprus
2 9 For Local contacts and BM reflectors
2 9990 Parrot Appication
2 5057 ARS/RRS/GPS
2 5052 APRS Messaging