This document describes our Compressed Location Reporting.

  • We addressing this feature as open standard for positioning.
  • No remote triggering
  • Fully based on existing open standards


This specification is not compatible with Hytera Compressed Location Report or Motorola CSBK Location Report.


  • One-way messages without confirmation from application
  • DMR radio should use confirmed or unconfirmed data transmission
  • DMR radio should use ETSI service application IDs of UDP/IP header compression or IP-based data (see ETSI ETSI TS 102 361-1, 9.3.18)
  • UDP datagram should use source and destination ports of 10111 (next number after reserved for NMEA by IANA)
  • Each UDP datagram should contain one location record
  • Location record is a set of values, packed using open serialization format MessagePack
  • Record should contain following fields (listed in order of placement):
    • Latitude in degrees (float)
    • Longitude in degrees (float)
    • Altitude in meters (int) or NIL
    • Speed in knots (int) or NIL
    • Course in degrees (int) or NIL