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Talk Groups on Time Slot 1[edit]

Talk Groups on Time Slot 2[edit]

User-activated (Tactical) Uruguay Talk Groups on Time Slot 2[edit]

User-activated talk groups, also known as "tactical", "dynamic" or "on demand" talk groups, are activated by pressing PTT once. The talk group will stay active (on the repeater it has been activated) for 10 minutes after the last activation. In Uruguay users "meet" on national or regional talk groups (e.g., TG 748,TS1) and will then agree to switch to one of the user-activated talk groups (TGs 74830, 74840, 74850, 74860). Since user-activated talk groups are used on time slot 2, this operating procedure frees up resources on time slot 1 for other users.

Talkgroup Timeslot Description
74830 2 CXUA 1
74840 2 CXUA 2
74850 2 CXUA 3
74860 2 CXUA 4

Dashboard and Status pages[edit]



Positioning on Motorola CPS:

- General:

- GPS: On

- Network:

- CAI Network: 12

- ARS Radio ID: XXX999 , XXX being the first three digits of any Master Server.
This server does not necessarily need to be the Master Server to which the repeater is connected

- preferred channel settings:

- ARS: On System/Site Change

- IP Site Connect: On

- GPS Revert: Selected

- Data Call Confirmed: Off (unchecked)


Useful Links[edit]


CX2CXX Temporarily down
CX8CXX Permanent TGs: 748 on slot 1,74800 and 74801 on slot 2
CX4AXX Permanent TGs: 748 on slot 1,74800 and 74801 on slot 2
CX9BXX Permanent TGs: 748 on slot 1,74800 and 74801 on slot 2
CX4RXX Permanent TGs: 748 on slot 1,74800 and 74811 on slot 2
CX8DXX Permanent TGs: 748 on slot 1,74800 and 74804 on slot 2
CX1AXX Not yet in service
CX9SXX Permanent TGs: 748 on slot 1,74800 and 74810 on slot 2
CX9DXX Not yet in service
CX3IXX Permanent TGs: 748 on slot 1,74800 and 74812 on slot 2
CX7RXX Permanent TGs: 748 on slot1,74800 and 74811 on slot 2
CX8RXX Not yet in service.

DMO Gateways[edit]

CX2UI-147.875-City if 33
These are unconfirmed frequencies-More Gateways under construction!

Analog gateway to DMR, TG 748[edit]

There is an analog (fm) gateway/access to DMR TG 748 in Montevideo on 147.870 Mhz.(CTCSS 82.5) It is located in the Parque Rodó neighborhood. Welcome to use it.

Digital contacts list[edit]

For the moment, this page contains lists only for the Anytone AT-D868UV and AT-D878UV radios. Guillermo, CX8BIT, will continue to add lists for other radios.

Color codes used in Uruguay to build repeaters and DMO gateways[edit]

Signal Color Motorola GM300 pin DB9 pin on Scott Zimmermann's STM32_DVM_PiHat board Yaesu FT-7900 Notes
Tx audio red 5 2 1 Data input to Tx
ground orange 7 8 2
Rx audio yellow 11 6 4 Data output from Rx
COS/SQL green 8 X 6 Programmable on GM300, active high on Yaesu FT-7900
PTT brown 3 5 3 Tx on when this pin is grounded
RSSI black X 4 X Not used on GM300 or FT-7900
12V out white

13 9 (12V in) X On GM300 and similar radios, pin 13 connects to J8-5 which supplies +12V switched power from the radio on/off switch.This connection can deliver 500 mA current, fused by the 2A internal radio fuse. Do not forget: Jumper 551 on A, 601 on B.