BrandMeister Master servers now support the interlinking XLX reflectors the BrandMeister. The setup on the user side requires that XLXD is installed and configured properly to accept connections from the BrandMeister server you are connecting to. Also required are 2 ThumbDV's for the trans-coding. XLXD install instructions can be found at [1]

Once you determine the XLX reflectors and modules you want to connect to, we can configure XLXD on the user side.

Below is a sample of the xlxd.interlink configuration file.

 XLXD interlink file
 one line per entry
 each entry specify a remote XLX to peer with
   <callsign> <ip> <list of module shared>
   XLX270 ACD
 note: the remote XLX must list this XLX in it's interlink file
  for the link to be established

BM3108 A <<----- Here is where we set the configuration of the master server, in this instance your XLXD instance is connecting to Master 3108 and module A

Here is an illustration of the configuration: