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DMR ID Managed by Location Remarks

2281 HB9STJ, HB9DUU,  Geneva, Switzerland

Dashboard and Status Pages[edit]

Alternative URL:

Use of talkgroups and timeslots in Switzerland[edit]

As a general rule, international talkgroups, the national talkgroup 228 and user activated talkgroups (sometimes also referred to as "tactical talkgroups") are used on timelsot 1, while regional and local traffic is kept on timeslot 2.

Talkgroups on timeslot 1[edit]

Here's a selection of talkgroups frequently used in Switzerland. Of course, all BrandMeister talkgroups can be activated on every repeater. In Switzerland, international talkgroups, national and regional talkgroups of countries other than Switzerland should be used on timeslot 1. Talkgroup 228 is permanently active on all Swiss repeaters. It is meant as a calling channel, for establishing the initial contact and facilitate QSY to a regional or user activated talkgroup. Please remember that QSOs on TG 228 are blocking timeslot 1 on all Swiss repeaters.

Talkgroup Timeslot Description
91 1 Worldwide - also used for the Worldwide Net every Saturday at 17:00 UTC
92 1 Europe
907 1 JOTA - international Scouting talkgroup
910 1 Deutsch weltweit - German language worldwide (user activated talkgroup)
913 1 English language worldwide
914 1 Spanish language worldwide
920 1 D-A-CH (Germany-Austria-Switzerland) - German language
937 1 French worldwide (connected to "C4FM francophone")
208 1 France - national talkgroup
222 1 Italy - national talkgroup
228 1 Switzerland - national talkgroup (permanently active on all Swiss repeaters)
232 1 Austria - national talkgroup
262 1 Germany - national talkgroup
XXXXX 1 Find more national talkgroups here

User-activated (tactical) Swiss talkgroups on timeslot 1[edit]

User-activated talkgroups, also known as "tactical" or "dynamic" talkgroups, are activated by pressing PTT once. The talkgroup will stay active (on the repeater it has been activated) for 10 minutes after the last activation. In Switzerland, users often "meet" on national or regional talkgroups (e.g., TG 2280 or TG 2283) and will then agree to switch to one of the user-activated talkgroups TG 22801, 22802, 22803 and 22804). Since user-activated talkgroups are used on timeslot 1, this operating procedure frees up resources on timeslot 2 for regional and local QSOs of other OMs.

Talkgroup Timeslot Description
22801 1 UA 1 user-activated (tactical) talkgroup 1
22802 1 UA 2 user-activated (tactical) talkgroup 2
22803 1 UA 3 user-activated (tactical) talkgroup 3
22804 1 UA 4 user-activated (tactical) talkgroup 4
22810 1 WIRES-X room "HB9-BM-WIRESX“ (node 27628) allows connections between C4FM/WIRES-X and DMR
22820 1 Bridge with YSF Reflector CH 228 SWISS and WIRES-X room "SWISS-CONNECT" (node 28878)
22821 1 Link to XLX828 module F D-STAR/DMR gateway
22822 1 Link to XLX229 module D D-STAR/DMR gateway (calling channel)
22823 1 Link to XLX229 module G D-STAR/DMR gateway (QSO channel)
22824 1 Link to OpenBridge IPSC2-SWISS
22825 1 Link to WIRES-X room "HB-WIRESX" (node 44156), YSF reflector YSF reflector "HB C4FM CISAR Basel" (ID 47247) and XLX328 module F D-STAR/DMR gateway
22826 1 Link to WIRES-X room "HB9T-47052" (node 47052)

Regional and local talkgroups on timeslot 2[edit]

Talkgroup Timeslot Description
2280 2 Schweiz deutsch (Switzerland, German language) - permanently active on most repeaters in the German speaking part of Switzerland
2281 2 Romandie (Switzerland, French language) - permanently active on most repeaters in the French speaking part of Switzerland
2282 2 Wallis/Valais (Valais region - German/French language)
2283 2 Bern/Solothurn (Bern, Solothurn area - German language)
2284 2 Basel (Basel area - German language)
2285 2 Aarau, Zentralschweiz (Aargau region and central Switzerland - German language)
2286 2 Ticino (canton Ticino - Italian language)
2287 2 Graubünden (Grisons region - German and Rumantsch language)
2288 2 Zürich (Zurich city and surroundings - German language)
2289 2 Ostschweiz (Eastern Switzerland region - German language)
      9 2 Local
22811 2 Vaud (subregional talkgroup for the canton of Vaud) - linked with XLX115 module A (HB9VD Multiprotocol Gateway)
22812 1 or 2 Genève (subregional talkgroup for Geneva - French language)
22813 2 Alpes Vaudoises (subregional talkgroup for the upper Vaud area - French language)
22814 2 Valais (subregional talkgroup for the French speaking part of Valais - French language)
22877 2 Poschiavo (subregional talkgroup for the Poschiavo and Valtellina valley - Italian language)


ID Timeslot Description
9990 1 or 2 Parrot - transmit to private call 9990 (not group call/TG), the Parrot service will replay your transmission back to you. The system uses private calls, the transmission is addressed to the sender only.
228999 n/a GPS/RRS/ARS: use ID 228999 for GPS/RRS/ARS configuration of your device. More information here.
262993 n/a WX Service: send a SMS message with "WX" or, e.g., "WX Zurich" in the message body to 262993. The system, created by a German OM, will reply with weather data of your repeater location or whatever location you have entered. More information and additional parameters here
262994 n/a RPT service: send a SMS message including "RPD" in the message body to 262994. The system, created by another German OM, will reply with information on your current repeater and its configuration. More information and options/parameters can be found here.


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