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TalkGroup/3108331083CO Severe WXThe discussion, forecasting and nowcasting of severe weather.____
TalkGroup/3027130271COLOMBIE-BRITANNIQUEProvincial talkgroup____
TalkGroup/26811662681166CR TalkGroupCR TalkGroup____
TalkGroup/7120071200CRLinkHubDMR - YSF__X_
TalkGroup/22602260Cafe Gratis Sports ClubYO5KFG National TG__X_
TalkGroup/3026030260Camionneurs du QuébecTalkgroup amical____
TalkGroup/30273027Canada FrancophoneTalkgroup amical____
TalkGroup/3025530255Canadian military VeteransTalkgroup amical Canada____
TalkGroup/3120631206Cen Ks SkywarnSkywarn is the National Weather Service (NWS) program of trained volunteer severe weather spotters.____
TalkGroup/3101531015Central AlabamaCentral AlabamaX_X_
TalkGroup/3137231372Central CarolinaTG for Central North Carolina____
TalkGroup/3120431204Central Kansas RGCENTRAL KANSAS Repeater Group__X_
TalkGroup/3180231802Chat LoungeChat Lounge____
TalkGroup/4600746007China - 7th regionFor Chinese 7th region`s HAM____
TalkGroup/4600446004China - Four District HAMChina 4 ham technical exchange group_X__
TalkGroup/460275460275China - Huantai ham exchange groupHuantai HAM technology in China's disseminationXXX_
TalkGroup/460851460851China Guizhou Ham TalkGroupGuizhou Digital amateur radio talkgroup____
TalkGroup/460666460666China Suizhou ARAmateur Radio of Suizhou, HuBei, CHINAX_X_
TalkGroup/460460China TGfor chinese HAM____
TalkGroup/460994460994China TG-CHANGCHIA talk group for Changchi Hams to communicate.XXXX
TalkGroup/519800519800China TG-ChangzhouA talk group for Changzhou Hams to communicate.____
TalkGroup/313913313913Clermont County Ohio Talk GroupSouth West Ohio DMR users____
TalkGroup/222030222030Cluster BresciaExternal TalkGroup for Cluster Brescia____
TalkGroup/95009500CollegiateFor communication between collegiate amateur radio repeaters____
TalkGroup/73247324Colombia - HK4 - MedellinAntioquia Zona 4 Talk Group____
TalkGroup/73207320Colombia HK0 ZoneMalpelo Island, Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina____
TalkGroup/73237323Colombia HK3 ZoneBogotá, Cundinamarca, Guaviare, Meta____
TalkGroup/73257325Colombia HK5 ZoneCauca, Valle del Cauca____
TalkGroup/73267326Colombia HK6 ZoneCaldas, Huila, Quindío, Risaralda, Tolima____
TalkGroup/732732Colombia NationalColombia-HK____
TalkGroup/7325773257Colombia-LinkDMR-Brandmeister Cross-Link, TranscodingXXX_
TalkGroup/3108831088Colorado HDColorado Hotspot Discussion_XXX
TalkGroup/2082020820CorsicaTKNet - Corsican Radioamateur Network_X__
TalkGroup/2082120821Corsica (old)Ancien talkgroup Corse____
TalkGroup/712712Costa RicaCosta Rica Main____
TalkGroup/71227122Costa Rica 7122San Jose, Costa Rica.____
TalkGroup/71247124Costa Rica 7124Heredia, Costa Rica____
TalkGroup/71257125Costa Rica 7125Alajuela, Costa Rica____
TalkGroup/71267126Costa Rica 7126Limon, Costa Rica____
TalkGroup/71277127Costa Rica 7127Guanacaste, Costa Rica____
TalkGroup/71287128Costa Rica 7128Puntarenas, Costa Rica____
TalkGroup/302205302205DMR - FUSIONDMR - YSF__X_
TalkGroup/3301533015DMR Network Radios Puerto RicoA talk group for new DMR users in Puerto Rico.____
TalkGroup/302232302232DMR SaguenayDMR Saguenay____
TalkGroup/24092409DMR ZONE Net ( SE - GR )DMR ZONE International Tech Talkgroup in Greek and Swedish language!____
TalkGroup/3166631666DMR of AnarchyDMR of Anarchy Organization____
TalkGroup/5206952069DTDXADigital Thailand DX Association_X__
TalkGroup/5209652096DTDXADigital Thailand DX Association_XX_
TalkGroup/5151351513DU1MIR-Cross modeLagunaX___
TalkGroup/4669946699DV Taiwan Club Digital BridgeDV Taiwan Club Digital Bridge DMR / D-STAR / YSF_XX_
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