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  1. Terminal sends to BM a messasge REWIND_TYPE_TERMINAL_IDLE that contains string in next format: <URL of token service> <device token>
  2. BM checks local database for suitable access token and application ID *A1
  3. BM sends push message to terminal using suitable access token and application ID

A1. Token information not found:

  1. BM queries <URL of token service> for application and token info
  2. Token Service does authentication at Google OAuth 2.0 service using its private key
  3. Token Service passes application-id, access-token and expiration-time to BM
  4. BM stores access token and application ID in its database




Terminal requests BM to switch to IDLE[edit]

Please check main article for actual binary format!
[REWIND_TYPE_TERMINAL_IDLE] jhsdfjasdfsdfeTERTcxvvxerSR </strike>

BM requests Token Service[edit]


Token Service responds to BM[edit]

  type: 'FCM-HTTP-v1',
  application: 'mydmrapp-jaso42',
  token: 'isdmlifdlWERWdsfWsdfsfsdfWER',
  expires: 3600

BM sends Push to an application[edit]

    "token" : "jhsdfjasdfsdfeTERTcxvvxerSR",
    "data" :
      "type" : "Open DMR Terminal",
      "body" : "<hexadecimal string of normal REWIND datagram>"
      "priority": "high",
      "ttl": "0"