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BrandMeister DMR Server has built-in APRS capabilities:

APRS Specification -


APBMxx is officially assigned to BrandMeister (

Configuration file[edit]

APRSGate :
  // APRS connection credentials
  address = "";
  call = "CALLSIGN-10";
  code = "123456";
  filter = "t/m";
  // Perl Regular Expression to filter destination call-sign of incoming messages
  expression = "^(R|U[A-I]|BLN[0-9]250)";
  // Private ID
  number = 250999;

Standard APRS server filter has no capabilities to filter destination call-sign of text messages. Starting BrandMeister release 20160226-180235 the filter functionality for destination call-sign is implemented on-board. It uses Perl Compatible Regular Expressions ( Please be careful the expression also affects to group bulletins. If you allow to receipt it please add BLN[0-9] to your expression.

Example of expression[edit]


This pattern filters all calls starting (^) from R or UA-UI or bulletins for group ID starting from 250.
Detailed expressions for countries are defined in article APRS/Filters.

Private text messages[edit]

Send message from APRS network to DMR radio[edit]

To send message to DMR radio from APRS you need to send typical APRS message to call-sign (with SSID) that is assotiated to DMR ID at self-care. Recipient will receive message of following format:

<sender call-sign in upper case> <message text>


R3ABM-12 Hello!

Delivery report[edit]

If sender APRS station will require delivery report, BrandMeister will forward DMR delivery report as normal APRS message acknowledgement

Send message from DMR radio to APRS network[edit]

To send a message from DMR radio to an APRS station you need to prepare message message of following format:

<recipient call-sign in upper case> <message text>


R3ABM-12 Hello!

The message should be addressed to APRS gateway private ID (In case of UK it is ID 5057 - It is recommended you setup a private contact with this ID.

Delivery report[edit]

If destination APRS station will respond with delivery status you will receive normal text message with text ack or rej.


R3ABM-12 ack

Group bulletins[edit]

BrandMeister translates APRS bulletin messages to DMR group text messages (two messages will be sent, one in Hytera TMP format and another one in Motorola TMS). Bulletin name should point to DMR group ID.

Bulletin name syntax:

BLN<1 digit bulletin ID><1-5 digits of DMR group ID>



This bulletin will be forwarded as text message of DMR group ID 2509.

Recipients will receive message of following format:

<sender call-sign in upper case> <bulletin name> <message text>


R3ABM-12 BLN02509 Weather alert!


Only supported by Hytera and Motorola radios having ARS/RRS/LP/LRRP configured