XLX146 Dstar Bridge (28096)
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Description Bridge to D-Star XLX146 Reflector
Website http://xlx146.ddns.net
Country Cyprus
Reflector XLX146
Bridged to
D-Star Yes Tetra No
P25 No Analog No
Wires-X No YSF No

The Talkgroup 28096 is interlinked to XLX reflector XLX146 on Module E to enable BM DMR users to talk to their friends which have access to D-Star modulation.

Facts about "TalkGroup/28096"
Bridged analogfalse +
Bridged dstartrue +
Bridged p25false +
Bridged tetrafalse +
Bridged wires-xfalse +
Bridged ysffalse +
CountryCyprus +
DescriptionBridge to D-Star XLX146 Reflector +
NameXLX146 Dstar Bridge +
ReflectorXLX146 +
Talkgroup28096 +